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SPL Headphones news

  • [MUSIKMESSE] SPL unveils Pro-Fi line
    Hot newsMusikmesse

    [MUSIKMESSE] SPL unveils Pro-Fi line

    04/06/16 in SPL Pro-Fi

    SPL is to introduce its new Professional Fidelity line, which claims to bring studio-quality sound to your living room.

  • [Musikmesse] Rack your SPL Phonitor 2

    [Musikmesse] Rack your SPL Phonitor 2

    03/30/15 in SPL Expansion Rack For Phonitor 2

    Last new product that SPL will introduce at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, the Expansion Rack will transform your Phonitor 2 into a monitoring controller.

  • [Musikmesse] SPL introduces the Phonitor Mini

    [Musikmesse] SPL introduces the Phonitor Mini

    03/14/14 in SPL Phonitor Mini

    Only 4 months after the release of the Phonitor 2, SPL introduces at Musikmesse 2014 the Mini version of its headphone amp.

  • SPL will release Phonitor 2 in December

    SPL will release Phonitor 2 in December

    11/26/13 in SPL Phonitor 2

    SPL will launch is December the second version of its Phonitor 2 channel headphone amplifier and monitoring controller.

  • SPL Phonitor Released

    SPL Phonitor Released

    06/17/08 in SPL Phonitor

    SPL released new Phonitor Headphone Amplifier.

  • [Musikmesse] SPL Phonitor

    [Musikmesse] SPL Phonitor

    03/20/08 in SPL Phonitor

    SPL announced a headphone amplifier with a difference. They tell us that with the Phonitor, headphones now become a full alternative to monitoring speakers.