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Nad Hi-Fi user reviews

  • Nad D3020

    Nad D3020 - "Basic Swiss army knife of hybrid amps"


    A great introduction to hi-fi and the new world of hybrid digital amps. Nothing too stunning, just great value for money, ticking all the boxes as a solution for multiple sound sources. Currently have the TV, XBox, DVD, turntable, and iPod plugged in…

Translated user reviews
  • Nad 3020i

    Nad 3020i - " corrective"


    This is an addition ("decree") my first reviews of the NAD C326BEE. After reading several forums on various devices, I noticed a note that often comes up jumpers that connect the preamp output to the input amplifier "degrade the sound," and many co…

  • Nad C326 BEE

    Nad C326 BEE - " Very good camera"


    The following opinion could be classified into two categories: I used the NAD C326BEE as an integrated amplifier, and I now use as a preamplifier (followed by a Quad 405 amp). a) As integrated amplifier Usage is very simple, the connections pr…

  • Nad C320

    Nad C320 - " Incredible value for money"


    I use this amp for 6 years. Retail, shades, no trainage, spellbinding bass, very good musicianship, nice grain, not short reservation to find a better value for money. A safe, sustainable value for repairable. Why fetch amp 4 digits!! …

  • Nad 302

    Nad 302 - " Good for its price"


    I use it now for 5 years. He made a sound pretty good on the whole, perhaps lacking a little precision in the treble, but for the price (150 €) is very good, much better than some Denons or Marrantz ... I was offered a gift nad320, not very good, b…

  • Nad C272

    Nad C272 - " This extraordinary 272"


    Power no distortion and manufacture of high-end damage that it's gray! unless its your 400 € the cost .... …

  • Nad 2100

    Nad 2100 - pixelikos's review


    Good amp, the meuilleur I had classic amp home studio, used directly on the map Waveterminal without preamp. Its precise and neutral, provided you have good speakers (I had two voices with 20cm DAVIS) the advantage is that it has two knob to …

  • Nad 306

    Nad 306 - " integrated and dynamic musical mosfet"


    I had 1 306 nad there is one twenties. 1 is integrated music: the bass is punchy but not abysmal, the upper midrange is beautiful and very is very nervous and dynamic (I had bose speakers accoustimas 5 and it was awesome) ... excellent repo…

  • Nad C315 BEE

    Nad C315 BEE - " Very good amp"


    I am faithful to NAD since I acquired without knowing the brand a 310 in 2000. The 315 replaced the 316 since, is an excellent entry-level amp. At NAD, "entry level" does not mean worse, but simply less powerful ... 2 x 40W of 315 enough for me.…

  • Nad C 316BEE

    Nad C 316BEE - " Excellent product"


    Excellent product that I used for a year without any problems. The sound quality is wonderful. …