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Nad 3020
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«  Surprisingly, evidence supporting »

Publié le 04/21/13 à 13:02
I had the small NAD 3020i and the 3020A 3020E + + 3020 for short.
I am often surprised their good tonality presence and definition, detail, but the most surprising is the small 3020i, this model has a peculiarity is that it has put the number of pat amp integr I compar on a pair of hard pregnant: the Spendor BC1!

I had this speaker model for 1 year, and only my amp KT88 tube
gave me satisfaction, but one day, no longer possessing the tube, I test a dozen integr amp even the very big, including the SANSUI AU-999 and guess what? yes NAD 3020i has small volume, gave an exceptional record for its power, it is the voice of the stamps, the presence scotch me and no other amp could make these English.
I give this example accurate, it is not valid for all speakers, of course, it's just that this amp necessarily has some good qualities in particular area and that is undeniable.

I have recently bought a 2nd, and I really like and always for the same reasons

Weaknesses, power has high volume and the look can be, and also the platiques buttons.

For an amp has everything I do not have that choice but to some listening without much up the volume.
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