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Nad C372

All user reviews for the Nad C372

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Value For Money : Excellent
Users reviews
  • DubwebDubweb

    Nad C372Published on 08/02/06 at 19:55
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    Currently 6 months of use
    Anthracite design is really beautiful, and its transparent and powerful!
    Excellent quality and features for the price.
  • PrfrayPrfray

    Nad C372Published on 01/24/07 at 09:55
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    It's been 11 months I use this product I am satisfied with the quality trs sound and puissance.Toutefois there is an anomaly at the potensiomtre the volume button, which spits out when power is increased. Output from the speakers, it is spitting dsagrable ear. If not for the rest everything is good.
  • babababababababababababa

    Nad C372Published on 03/11/07 at 07:04
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    flee, did nothing in power, surely do not under 150 ohms w, 50 w all a big break, a driver on Klipsch t, ​​ban, he did a quality, distortion it is transparent, buy this amp is theft, you are prvenu, both buy an amp in a supermarket, it would be cheaper.
  • TubularTubular

    NAD C372, criticized?

    Nad C372Published on 05/25/11 at 10:21
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    In fact, in response to a commentary uncomplimentary to NAD C372 that I decided to respond. It is true that everyone in different expectations, but there!
    I had different Nad since 30 years, including the C372 ...
    Some say it lacks power, or as advertised is overvalued.
    Big mistake! Its seems inexhaustible current reserves, the speaker driver is capable of deemed difficult and more expensive than him. What a punch for the price, but always with respect for and mastery of music.
    Finally, It is no coincidence that many audiophiles less fortunate around the world choose a Nad. Is that for its price, it offers much more than average!
  • jmarc1200jmarc1200

    Nad C372Published on 10/22/10 at 01:46
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    I am not an expert audiophile amplifiers
    on the other hand, I have heard several of which nad how they can say things such as incense did it babababababa
    he is deaf crazy is not possible, the nad is very good, excellent quality and price, here

    &% &%&%&% very good