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Pioneer Hi-Fi Amplifiers user reviews

  • Pioneer SA-410

    Pioneer SA-410 - "A Small Wonder"


    I bought this small wonder for next to nothing a couple of months ago. I will use it for parties because the sound is not as disgusting with it. Mine does not heat up at full power and it works perfectly after a good cleanup.…

  • Pioneer SA-410

    Pioneer SA-410 - Dj Deep's's review


    - How long have you been using it? Personally, I've had it two years, but I got it from my parents, so I guess it's 20-25 years old (or even older)! - Which features do you like the most / the least? This amp is EXCEPTIONAL, it's sturdy as they …

  • Pioneer SA-410

    Pioneer SA-410 - jojo421's review


    I bought it for €5 at the flea market. I didn't expect much of it, but the amp was in excellent condition, except for the dirt on the front panel! I don't now when it was manufactured, despite having taken it apart. Its output powers seems to be 2 X…

  • Pioneer SA-410

    Pioneer SA-410 - mirageIV's review


    Personally, I got this amp when I was 17. I'm now 43 and it still works without a problem!! You only need to replace 1 or 2 fuses every ten years or so! You got a great deal for 5 euros! As a side note, the output power is 2 x 70 watts!…

Translated user reviews
  • Pioneer SA-508

    Pioneer SA-508 - " Pioneer SA-508"


    Excellent hi-fi amplifier. Very well made: sturdy and nice look. Despite his 30 years, no crack and still a very good sound. It occurs regularly used for a reasonable price. Perfect to make a corner hifi quality at a reasonable price …

  • Pioneer A-447

    Pioneer A-447 - " Very good stereo amp"


    I used the last 2 years for use studio accompanied by two jbl northridge e30 Very good sound I have nothing to say bad about this amp, just a pity that to arrive at such a quality present must disbursed sums and arrive not yet meet these old amps,…

  • Pioneer VSX-609RDS

    Pioneer VSX-609RDS - " violent! but we made it!"


    7 years of loyal service, and so far, I am satisfied, especially since (shame ...) I attributed to him a pair of Sony SS-H450 mini chain of 1996! I now have my mates new pair of Polk that make this amp more aggressive than ever! This amp lacks prec…

  • Pioneer A-119

    Pioneer A-119 - " comprehensive despite its low power"


    a good amp, very complete, very simple, reliable, very musical! a dynamic and powerful who knows good move all types of speakers. Ideal for a small installation. …

  • Pioneer VSX-405RDS

    Pioneer VSX-405RDS - " great"


    hello I buy this amp a year ago I think it's a very good amp powerful heater a little rest but it is very good with a kit and a 5.0 jamo sub sony and works great …

  • Pioneer SA-606

    Pioneer SA-606 - " Davis VINCI superb!"


    Personally, I found this amp in a garage sale in a sorry state I replaced all capacitors MODELS tired of low ESR, rglage ways ... (I'm part ...). in short dpart coupled with JA GAUGLIN (ex Elipson) ca dja rang a lot but I found the amp a bit brutal…