Epiphone Dot Studio
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All user reviews for the Epiphone Dot Studio

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 11 reviews )
 4 reviews36 %
 7 reviews64 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
chris nesly07/01/2019

chris nesly's review"jazz-y-java !"

Epiphone Dot Studio
Excellent feeling w sound (pickups neck) : "on se prend pour Bireli" !... Neck is sooo big !; but sound is more !... :)
For "intelligent" - not snob - players... (and the mahoganny looks so cool !)
Buyed 210 € (France, internet: Woodbrass) in 2010 : I never regret it.
:bravo: :bave: :facepalm:

Ps : if you want to buy me, put 290 € on rakuten (call before). "Dot Worn Cherry - out of catalog; all mahoganny, neck inclued !)

johnrae's review"Great!"

Epiphone Dot Studio
The Epiphone Dot Studio is a clone of the classic Gibson ES-335 Semi-Hollowbody electric guitar. It has a mahogany top, back, sides, and a set in place neck. The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard. It has two Vintage Alnico V plus pickups and a 3 way selector switch with a tone knob, and a volume knob. I believe they are made in the USA, though I could be wrong. It has 22 jumbo sized frets and a 12" fingerboard radius. The guitar is light and fast and very smooth to play, and really great looking. The finish is great and I love the brown woody look.


The guitar is a great play, and has a great range of tones. It's comfortable to wear, and doesn't weigh too much. Feels good on the shoulders and is comfortable to sit with. The sounds range from mellow and subdues to sharp and bluesy. It's great for hard rock, jazz, or acoustic sounds too. The neck is nice and fast and feels really good, and the frets are all perfect. It's a real treat to play, and I just love the action on it.


The Dot Studio sounds great clean or distorted, and offers a wide plethora of sounds to pick from. I can get a good clean 80's shimmer with some reverb and chorus, or I can get a nice crunchy modern rock sound with a distortion pedal. It's also great for jazz with a nice smooth, mellow tone that's very even across it's frequency range.


Overall, the Dot Studio is an awesome option for someone who wants a good guitar and doesn't want to shell out. The 335 looks and vibe rock, and the sounds are sweet. It's great to perform with and gives a nice classy look on stage. It's comfortable, affordable, and an all around great guitar.
MGR/Chris Bereznay05/18/2008

MGR/Chris Bereznay's review"Epiphone Dot Studio"

Epiphone Dot Studio
Been playing for almost 30 years but you wouldn't know it. It's usually on and off in between my other hobbies. Now and then I will get into recording heavy, usually when inspired. I like country, rock, metal and pop.

I bought this unit from Musicians' Friend. I paid $269 for a B stock model so supposedly it was damaged or old or something but honestly I couldn't tell that anything was wrong with it.

I love the semi-hollow body tone. I also like the laminated maple top, back, and sides, the set maple neck, the semi-hollow construction and of course the vintage Alnico V plus pickups which really give it a warm sweet tone.

The neck isn't real comfortable for me even though I like it in appearance.

The quality seems fine. Epi construction is pretty good, I think they're made in Mexico or China or something. Not bad quality for a few hundred bucks though. Geeze, how can you beat that!?

Bottom line, I got a $500 guitar (or more) for under $300 and it's supposed to be b stock, but I can't tell why. Was it a good deal? You betcha!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
MGR/Derek Mok01/10/2006

MGR/Derek Mok's review"Epiphone Dot Studio"

Epiphone Dot Studio
Primarily a singer, I've been playing guitar for about 10 years, been in a band (drummer!), and have continued to record and play with other musicians on a non-professional basis. My styles range from folk to hard rock, with heavy power-pop leanings -- Big Star, not Green Day.

My friend bought this guitar for $220 from Musician's Friend, as a refurbished copy. I helped her select it and test-run it.

For the price we found, it's a very well-made guitar that looks gorgeous, with a shiny reflective black surface that looks different depending on where you put it, like a monolithic slab of obsidian. Very stylish indeed. Low action, simple control layout, and a pretty nice sound, especially clean with chorus/tremolo, just a bit less complex than my own Epiphone Dot. And this guitar is light as a feather.

The guitar arrived with a poor setup. There was substantial buzz, and the strings caught on the frets. After taking the guitar to a professional tech and luthier in L.A., he and I concluded that a bad fret polish job was the culprit. After a proper setup, the situation improved, though the low frets still meant a harder time with bends and vibratos. The output jack is in a bad spot, right where I'd usually put my right knee, so my leg is constantly leaning against the cable jack, not a good thing. The control knobs are also a bit flimsy, and the distorted sounds were so-so, though testing the guitar on a crappy $90 Marshall solid-state amp couldn't have helped.

Quite good, with especially a nice visual presentation. Not as well made as higher-priced Epiphones. And the guitar's super-light weight also makes me feel it's flimsier, not as substantial, though that could be an illusion.

I think my friend lucked into a deal in this case, and $220 was a good price to pay. The professional tech here in L.A. complimented on the quality and sound 20 seconds after we entered his shop. However, there's one thing to keep in mind, and that is the fact that this guitar lists for $500 and retails around $330. I would consider $330 too much to pay for this guitar; at that price, you might as well throw in $70 more and get an Epiphone Dot -- you'll get much nicer finish options, binding, pickup covers, and a better sound. My own Epiphone Dot was only $350 on eBay. However, at the lowered price of $220 for the ES-335-inspired construction and styling, this guitar was a great deal. Experienced players might find its sound a little uninspiring, but for starter electric players, this is an excellent place to begin. It certainly blows every Squier I've ever played out of the water, especially in terms of build quality.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

MGR/Anonymous's review"Epiphone Dot Studio"

Epiphone Dot Studio
I've been playing guitar on and off since the late '60s. Play rock, pop, contempary Christian. Listen to all kinds of music.

Saw and tried this guitar when it first came out and really liked it. When Guitar Center had it as a floor model sale for $250.00, I just couldn't resist it anymore.

I've been looking for a semi-hollow, double cut away for a long time. Most of them cost more than $1k. But this Dot Studio is so inexpensive and built with such good quality it is hard to pass it by.

The pickup selection switch's action is rough and I need to tweak the bridge to get proper intonation.

As I said before, this guitar is solidly built. Although mine is a floor model, I cannot find anything wrong with it. No scratch that I notice.

Great guitar. Very nice sound and the workmanship is great. Playability is just right. Less flexible on tone control with just one volume and one tone controls. But if you use an amp modeler like I do then it is not a problem.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com
Dr Sly02/06/2013

Dr Sly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a scraper simple and effective"

Epiphone Dot Studio
a handle, a body, strings, 2 pickups, 1 tone, volume, microphone selector


a handle on which is great on its brands, a case certainly impressive but when you get used to, like weight, access to acute, yes, normal, anyway this is not the kind of thing I'm interested, I'm not for his solos and I, it suits me perfectly, plug, sounds, plug it, it sounds too plain, good sound, distortion too.


I play with a marshall jtm60 and I punkifiée French song and I must say it is quite suitable to my style. I put the selector in the middle position, the volume to 10 and the tone sounds at 6-7 and nickel.
his only fault was the bridge a little edge that made me break a lot of strings, but since I have softened their support angle and I use picks more flexible, this problem is less frequent.


basically a guitar whose quality is matched only by his great face. I flashed on his first appearance, then when I tried it, I knew it was the one I wanted. she will nickel for what I play and how I play! I have since 2008, bought new 200 euros, and needless to say I do not regret having bought ... I use it regularly and I will still continue to play with a good time. she did a bunch of gigs and even more répets in five years (I write in 2013) and has always been up to. so that when I think to buy a second scratch (emergency or "superior") I find it hard to stop on a choice because I'm often to try, I have trouble find a guitar that could match in my eyes and create a connection such as the one I have with it (in fact the only time I happened to have a thunderbolt equivalent to a plow, it was testing a les paul junior-yes, I like simple and effective guitar - a day in store that I did not buy it because at that time I was about to buy an amp and not a scratch). Briefly, I can say that it is subjectively excellent scratch that combines aesthetics, quality and price cool!

rodyblek09's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the cheaper the better"

Epiphone Dot Studio
Made in China, it is equipped with bridge and tailpiece typical of this range Gibson / Epiphone, the handle is quite nice: nor a "log" as the Les Paul Studio, or highway of the Firebird (owned in the past two heads) , 21 frets, I think, two open humbucking Epiphone and only two potentiometers + inverter.


The handle is very nice, it must be done every guitar when more than one, it is advisable, the lack of benchmarks "dots" are coming: I made the big dots + white polish on the edge of my neck! ...
Finally, the ergonomics are very good, the body will stand under the right arm (right) and the guitar is light (mahogany, and dry? ...), Access to acute is pretty good, when one has Strat G & L Tribute or, I return the length of the handle: a move from a 24'75 25'50 becomes tiring with age, is not Stevie Ray or Hendrix who wants ...
So, question her, with my Bugera amp (tubes of course), emphasized bass settings, it's a pleasant surprise ... for an Epiphone! BBKing revisited, with the feeling of modesty and necessary ... ! The body is beam, ie a block of wood (white, maple?) Separates the two inner parts of the body and the pickups are set out in this beam, which should sound differently than a Washburn HB 30 ? ... anyway, finally, for almost half the price (Washburn HB33DR mahogany / beam), I prefer the Epi Dot Studio, mine is worn cherry - all black hardware and SUPERB, I find it really beautiful!


For blues, rock, finger-picking/folk-rock, Kaukonen, e tutti quanti, it's not bad! ...
The sounds are dependent on the amp: I'm "old-school direct plug ins" if it sounds, no need for pedals or 36 Encor less synthesized sounds as the lights ARE THE Son! ... Certainly when I had the urge to tinker, I would change the mics: I have old Aria, Epiphone also, "Slasher" who "fart"; Wilkinson double and P90, enough raving, but I other budget guitars to "upgrade" (or downgrade, you never know, I'm not the fashions of the moment ...)
So I play on Bugera V55 head and 4x12 cabinet 'ditto: I re-repeat the pleasure of searching sounds very exciting, as usual you are doing (I do not play in a group).
So I recognize the limitations of this guitar pickups, the ideal - her older sister Gibson - worth six (6) times its price! ...


2 weeks and conquered; purchased on the net for a "half box" beautiful and interesting and certainly WITHOUT A PRIORI: I was right! ! !
I like the quality, finish, the look and beauty, color, etc. ...
I recognize the limitations of microphones: they were better, "they" would sell more than Gibson!
Value for money: 9/10, while the other Epi are worthless, although expensive +!
Choice to repeat the colors in non-imported (blue, white, yellow, etc ...!)

maxontheweb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Dot Studio
-Factory in China (Qing dao) in April 2005.
-22 Frets, 2 vintage alnico humbuckers without covers, black hardware, mechanical good-quality red tomatoes (do not laugh!).
-Laminated mahogany body (and not rolled as in the Saddle dot, period! I noticed this error in a lot of descriptions, so I compared with the dot "normal" my girlfriend utiliss and woods are not the same!), mahogany set neck gibson type, rosewood fingerboard with no inlays (but are still listed on the profile of Submitted sleeve!). A nice style!
-1 Volume, 1 Tone 1 slecteur 3 positions.


-The handle is enjoyable for the little that you are not allergic to sleeves typs gibson. A priori, no problem!
-L 'treble for CSTA is easy, easier than on my les paul in any case because of its shape symtrique!
It forms a gnreuses fairly bulky! It is a bit heavy too, but trs enjoyable play, and not uncomfortable at all!
I played on a Vox amp VR30r hybrid, and we go from rock n 'roll Berry classic pop of the Beatles without any problem! The hard rock seventies is also totally practical! I do not know what' it applies to the metal, perhaps someone can help me?
In any case, no frills, the 2 knobs allow you to change just the sound of that studio dot, but lesrglages complex and difficult prcis snt (the absence of the other 2 knobs!). However, I do not find this simplicity so disabling that


The micro-Epiphonesouvent reviews and I agree with you often right (I changed those of my les paul custom pickups for a set of Seymour Duncan Hot Rod) trs work here! The output level of these microphones is a bit lower than that of my les paul duncan but suprieurs are those installed on the same les paul origin. Moreover, the output level of my dot studio is larger than the dot "standard" of my girlfriend! The sound is a signature diffrent, microphones andTHE wood utiliss diffrnts as (a slightly more fat and round may be ...). I do not know if the places of manufacture are for something, well qu'n say the benefit of the plant qing dao (EE on the n of SERIES).
-A more blues postion rhythm, slightly nasal in treble, trs trs cool in maisfranchement intermdiaire in clear channel, with the right amount of fat, sustain, sharp curves and trs ds satisfactory, not to mention the wealth of its own in the semi-boxes.


-Used for 2 months.
Colors available-just coming out of the ordinary, more "pop" as the classic cherry red or sunburst!
nb: red tomato I chose the default makes much better in person than on diffrent phtos I could find on the web! enjoyable surprise!
The quality-price ratio t for me the main reason for this purchase! 199 euros in new leadguitars on the web, colors available in this price leseul red tomato.
frankly, I think it's a big deal! The classic dot my opinion is no better than the studio but diffrent dot, a little guy, but a little less versatile. There are all the same which makes the charm for a price of 335 drisoire! Complment it comes to my cot paulcustom me four times cheravec change pickups, diff reference price which does not seem as justified!
-I srement remake that choice, since the 2nd guitar satisfies me almost as much as my 1st guitar is much more expensive and whose j'tais dj rev happy!
mike rednecks07/12/2007

mike rednecks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Dot Studio
Epiphone made in China under license
22 frets, vintage humbucker pickups
1 volume, 1 tonalitbr /> Manche Collpa too wide or pais; approaches sleeves Tlcaster


Access in acute faile seen the shape of the guitar
Weight is not much heavier than a Tlcaster
The sound is that of 335 of the 60, one begins to RVer Ckuck Berry!


In my opinion, this guitar is suitable for rockabilly, rock 'n roll and the blues
I play on Fender amps and Marshall, Fender range is better suited for rock and roll
The sounds are good overall and gives faster saturation
thanks in microphones
I think the set of strings is the IDAL 10-46


This dot studio spent his baptism of fire (so to speak!)
this last weekend and we had scne rgals with the ckuck Berry riffs and blues with the micro serious
I tried several other models of 335, but there was always the problem of race or weight
Lead Guitars Buy at Paris, to say anything about any reasonable price, book by UPS with a cover and well packed
Guitar advise for those who can not afford to pay for a Gibson 335!

MeisterH.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Epiphone Dot Studio
See further notice.
Not enough buttons settings but ...


The handle is very nice, much more than the fender, but that it depends on the shape of the hand.
Access to acute feasible
The guitar is a little unbalanced for my taste: the handle pulls down when playing standing.
Otherwise the guitar is quite heavy.
For sound, I find it quite Polyval.


Is well suited to my style of music, style if there a.
I use it alternately with a Drivemaster Marshall, a DOD FX52 Fuzz, a chorus Yamaha DSC-20M, a Zoom GFX-5 (where it sounds less). And I use it to record in direct.
It can be a little cold sometimes, but I owe it mainly to direct. I should try it on that old gibson amp lamp lying around in the basement of my grandfather and compare it with its 175 antique, just for fun, yes I do and I would share the results.
Anyway it suits me for what I do.


I use it for several months, purchased as a result of spending on audio, so I used really basic materials.
In terms of feature: the price really gave the finishing touches which currently hold the shock, the beauty of the beast (I have black), originality and the simple design that is both modern and vintage .
The sound seems to me correct, to check on an amp worthy of the name.
The quality / price ratio also seems pretty good: bought around 300 euros with a rigid box on ebay.
If I had to make another choice, I would take can be worth a try more different models.
Anyway I can not judge the torp since I have not yet done deal. Maybe a change of pickups does prevail one day ...