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Guild Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Guild Starfire III

    Guild Starfire III - "Still a Great Guitar Holding a Lot of Memories" has images


    I bought my Cherry Red Guild Starfire lll back in 1965 when it was brand new for $250 which included a hard shell case. I picked it because it looked like Johnny River's Gibson that he played on Shindig and at the Whisky-A-Go Go and I couldn't afford…

  • Guild Starfire III

    Guild Starfire III - "Great Hollow Body guitar with bite!"


    This is a hollow body guitar made by Guild. I know them mostly through their acoustic guitars, but this is a fine guitar as well. There are not many of them left now as they were predominantly in production in the 60s, but there are also reissues of …

  • Guild Starfire IV

    Guild Starfire IV - "Guild Starfire IV"


    I was upgrading my Dearmond starfire to an original guild starfire Or a brand new one. I found mine on Ebay and paid 750 quid. which i think is a bloody steal for a 1972 cherry red beaut that slays all others including 335's Plus a gibson of the sa…

  • Guild Starfire III

    Guild Starfire III - "Guild Starfire III"


    After much hinting about wanting to get an electric guitar, my wife gave me $1500 as a Christmas present and turned me loose. I had been window shopping and test playing at numerous stores and had all ready decided on the Guild Starfire III. I paid…

  • Guild Starfire IV

    Guild Starfire IV - "Guild Starfire IV"


    I've had many guitars over the past 35 years and my latest is a Guild Starfire IV (2001) which I bought private for £1250. This is not a De Armond - but the real thing from the USA. It looks similar to a 335 but wow! Far more power in the pick ups …

Translated user reviews
  • Guild X500

    Guild X500 - " La Belle disappeared"


    This guitar is one of the few pearls. Real instrument maker, care achievement rarely equaled, the X500 is unfortunately no longer manufactured today. The box is impressive, fully blond natural maple, the table shows a very dense network while splin…

  • Guild M 65

    Guild M 65 - jimrosemberg's review


    I bought this guitar New York APRS have tried hundreds and hundreds. I really had a crush on this one. The handle is beautiful and well made, easy to play. The sound is terrible acoustics as a plug for acute UTILIZATION Accs simple, extremely lgr…

  • Guild Starfire III

    Guild Starfire III - Sonny Boy Havidson's review


    Made in America in 2001 so one of the last Guild Electric Flamed maple body in natural finish (there are versions mahogany seems to me there), mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard, two humbuckers Guild. Comes with two floating bridges / tailpiece…

  • Guild X 161

    Guild X 161 - letieum's review


    <div></div> - In which country was it made? 1990, USA. - How many frets? 20. - What kind of microphone? Guild humbucker. - And their configuration? Les Paul Standard. - What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)? Bigsby + floating bridge ma…

  • Guild X170

    Guild X170 - pepone75's review


    Guild x170 1988 bought 2nd hand in hand. flamed maple body in half, as the handle is curly maple. run al 22 keys. two microphones with 4 volume knob and tonalit.finition very beautiful, even if the gilt covers of microphones and cls Grovers have part…