mooseherman 01/31/2011

Guild Starfire III : mooseherman's user review

"Great Hollow Body guitar with bite!"

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This is a hollow body guitar made by Guild. I know them mostly through their acoustic guitars, but this is a fine guitar as well. There are not many of them left now as they were predominantly in production in the 60s, but there are also reissues of them floating around out there.
The guitar is a hollow body maple guitar. It has a rosewood finger board with 20 frets and a neck cutaway on the body. There are two humbucking pickups, a tone and volume control for each pickup, as well as a three way selector switch in the upper left hand corner (from the player's perspective). It also features a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece.


This guitar plays really well. I haven't had any issues with playing it yet, and it stays in tune great. The cutaway allows leads to be played really easily. Though honestly this is a rhythm guitar through and through. I don't actually tend to use this one like a normal hollowbody, rather, I let the thick rhythm tone cut through it nicely. It's not the heaviest guitar out there so it's not too hard on your back or shoulders.


This guitar is just an amazing sounding instrument. Unlike other hollowbodies, I don't really prefer this for jazz or country (though it does work with both of those). I really just like to rock out with this thing. It has a reckless, ripping sound to it when you combine it with the right fuzz or distortion pedals. I really need to get this thing going through a ripping tube amp, no solid state allowed. I really tend to like the bright punchy sound of rocking chords for indie-rock style stuff, as well as more classic tones. It can get noisy but that's never been too much of a problem for me as I like my stuff a little noisy. It tends to work for me when I'm rocking out.


I really like the ripping tone of this thing. I couldn't believe that a guitar that looked so nice and polished could get such an in-your-face sound. I really underestimated this thing. While it's expensive, its such a great guitar that it's totally worth it. You could also spend a lot more on a guitar like this and not get anything close to it.