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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 8 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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spiritfingers's review

Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]
My Ibanez semi-hollow body was made in Mexico. The AS-200 has 22 frets, and mine is a right handed configuration. There are two pickups with separate knob controls for volume and tone of each. The guitar has a maple neck and large gold plated tuning pegs and bridge.


The neck has a nice feel, good spacing on frets and with the cut away it is easy to make it up to all the notes. For such a large guitar it is a very light which sits easily with a large strap. It is easy to get a nice sound with the different controls for each pick up. If you will be playing over the bridge you can have the back pick up louder than the front, or if you will be palm muting it is good to turn the back pickup all the way down and only use the front pickup. Many different uses!


The guitar suites my type of music, which is primarily folk/jazz, but the guitar has a wide range. It is a semi-hollow body of course, so it has a rich almost acoustic tone if you want it. I play it clean most of the time, but sometimes use various reverbs for effects.


I have had my AS-200 for 3 years now and bought it for 250 new. The thing I like the most is the hollow-body design. The thing I dislike the most of the placement of the input jack. It is on the bottom of the guitar and I have had mine pushed into the body twice needing repair. The hollow-body has a thin shell so the input can be forced into the body of the guitar. I believe I got a great price and didn't try out any other similar models. Knowing what I know how I would still have bought my AS-200. its a great guitar!
MGR/Bob Sims12/16/2002

MGR/Bob Sims's review"Ibanez AS-200"

Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]
For years I wanted an ES-335. This Ibanez AS-200 is essentially a clone with the addition of a nice coil-splitting feature on the neck pickup. At the time (8 years ago), I felt the Ibanez quality was much better than Gibson. Although I hear Gibson has improved (hard to believe after visiting their factory in Memphis last year).

The range of tones is a big plus, with the coil-tapping (3 choices: single coil, parallel or series humbucker). Guitar Player gave it very high marks for versitility. I've actually gotten some new sounds out of it since reading the article in GP. This instrument covers jazz, blues, rock and probably anything else one might want. My Strat, I use for blues, period!

The wide neck took a little getting used to after my SG, but it's great for finger-style. Turns out my new American Strat neck is just as wide.

Not much. It would have been interesting to hear the bridge pickup tapped like the neck.

Too bad, the AS-200 is not more available or promoted by Ibanez. I found it only in one shop (even Guitar Center doesn't carry it), and I bought the only one I've seen this shop carry in the last 8 years. I've never seen it in a catalog.

Very high quality constrution and finish. Everything is coordinated for a beautiful effect, "Vintage" style tuners, golden sunburst finish, flame maple top, gold hardware and fully bound (body, f-holes, neck, headstock).

It is a real pleasure to look at and especially hold this instrument.

This is essentially the instrument (without coil-splitting) that John Scofield (the jazz giant!) has been using his whole career.

If my AS-200 guitar got lost or stolen, I'd definitely have to special order one from Ibanez!

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ambre_0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" did not miss"

Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]
japan manufacturing
fixed bridge Gibson guy
ebony handle key blocks pearl
22 medium frets very comfortable
Super 58 pickups kind bam 2 volumes 2 tonalities SETTINGS very progressive


really handle has advantage in this model
very good access to treble tops


should all styles all pass without problems splits on 2 microphones
on mine I do have to ask an old bam 57 modified to have the same splits when
the sound is a round handle that hair with super 58


I used the last 10 years
I have had many guitars
what I like least hummm c is the weight can be difficult and yet it is very well balanced value for money is excelent finishes are very superiors has a 3 ..
and the price a little less overrated than this one general note 9 because nothing is perfect

jg35400's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Ibanez AS200"

Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]
Made in Japan in 1982.


handle or too round or too flat. perfect compromise


It is a semi-hollow body, the sound is typical of a 335 I would say more subtle.
The original pickups are excellent, perhaps more versatile than the Gibson (for example) ... There is a system for the micro splitter.


I used a decade (87 to 98) and am separated with much regret (especially today). These guitars are perfect for all levels (violin, manufacturing, hardware ....).
I think today's reissue (the signing John Scofield model) is as good as the original, which dates from the early 80's I think. between a 335 and a new Ibanez the choice is quickly seen the poor Gibson products today.

Hdartois's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a great guitar!"

Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]
it was made in Japan in 1987.
the violin is very beautiful, but not breathtaking.
microphones are also very good and electronics.
the switch that toggles the single coil neck pickup is not very convincing, so I'm not served me well.
this is my admiration for J. Scofield led me to this purchase, but since I could afiner my criteria and I changed guitar. However, I still love a lot and it was a case of dough, I would have undoubtedly kept.


the handle is very comfortable and it was fun to feel the body of the instrument against itself.


I adopted the config. Scofield (associated with a Vox AC30) and I have not had trouble finding the sound of the master, great for funk and bluesy jazz.


I had several other guitars and it gives me a very good memory.
Moreover, we can say that the value is very good.

SuperCasserolle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]
Ibanez AS200 artist.
Made in Japan.
Classic easel.
22 frets
Microphone type unknown
Handle large and comfortable with beautiful pearls.
2 volumes, 2 tones, 1 selcteur 3 positions (choice of pickups I think), another selector 3 postion to boost the sound.


Handle large and comfortable with beautiful pearls. On mine, I have a problem with strings that verge, the strings are a bit old, the bridge was rebuilt (the head). The frets are very worn. I intend to redo it (shrinking), and I also have a review of electronics to do.
I may be climbing over Gibson pickups. (Hesitate)
Ergonomics: it is a bit heavy, but we need for good sound quality, I think.
Access to treble is super (c why I like the art 335)
Readily obtained a good sound, in my opinion, I amused myself by trying to repeat the riff on Benson "Give me the night". And we arive to approach the sound of George Benson! He played with a 3 / 4, I believe.
I think the sound is pretty pro. Should they


your style of music?
Yes, I can play little wing (finally a personal imitation (gasp!)) or jazz or rock (or bossa, arpeggios, etc. ..) without seeking a sound 1 / 2 hour!
(I cons by ropes net flat, and rather to jazz)
I programmed my pedals BOSS ME 5 for sound and I dizailne I pass a microphone to the other or I mix the two.
I play with a Marshall 75 reverb, which has both a vintage and a very good speaker (Celestion, renowned brand in Hi Fi too (Ditton 66)).
lee adjustment I prefer:
Micro-handle a little reverb + + program ME5 emphasis of certain frequencies) + a little boost (selector): its soft and thick with stamp
-Same with the two microphones
Micro-acute disto ME + 5 (or RAT pedal) + booster.
Micro-acute disto ME + 5 (or RAT pedal) + chorus + booster.


Used for 5 years and I can not give an objective opinion since it must be refrettée. It is really well finished and comfortable to play.

I have owned:
-A semi-hollow guitar ES 345 TD Stereo Varitone. I bought very cheap at a store in Manosque, but in poor condition and without the original pickups. I'm re ais by a luthier and ask paf pickups seymour duncan. (I had put a EMG 81 in acute microphone (with preamp) but I drooled). I need money for resold at some point (I miss)!)

-A Les Paul Studio (black). Manche a bit thick and short finish, but a neck pickup sound! Super. But my favorite types are 335 for the acute attack and resonance of 1 / 2 box.

(I'd buy a Gibson ES 345 or a 175 Spanish ...)

The artist avai have 200 very good value for money, but it has appreciated in value!
It must be because she has a personality (patch, finish, comfort, ..) I do not think we find it from another manufacturer. Good guitar

philoumas's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]
I have an AS 200 art not one of the photo made in Japan
22 frets


The handle for me and gnial
over time he can work a


A guitar for blues jazz rock and roll
I test lots of crate amp mesa marshal's still a great finder
the sound of the clear and beautiful crunch


I bought it in 1986
C the silent electric guitar deuxime I bought a thunderbolt is beautiful
era has the young guitarist had tried qq MODEL
bought 6500 Francs (1000) in a gibson double the rate trs good report quality price
yes a beautiful guitar with what I learned jou become a guitar collector
gege 3804/09/2007

gege 38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current]
Japan original 1981 pickups al super57 2 doubles. Plittable the neck pickup is single with 2 configurations.2 volumes 2 tones. glue stick. half box with central beam.


I have a AS200 from 1981 for 15 ans.cette a stringed guitar gibson 335.faite superior to it in Japan handle a little wider than the standard gibson s and accommodates the sentence so willingly and jazz arrangements. you transfer the microphones of origin too cold you replace them with an air norton Di Marzio to the handle and an air bridge to the classic Di Marzio and you have a killer in all styles to rival the Gibsonian. hard to find vintage is currently playing in Japan around de2100euros.modele Scoffield. if you want to invest in half an exceptional case do not hesitate and try to find a store that is one for the essayer.vous will be pleasantly surprised and surely bewitched. mine is 1981 and the man did not move che.


All styles and a very versatile.ampli lamps conseille.pour me fender super 60 for jazz and peavey classic30 for rock and blues.


J I really found my favorite guitar. obviously expensive because c is a high-end but the investisment worth the chandelle.comparez with another American brand more expensive and you will understand.