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Thread Problem with Behringer UB1204 FX Pro Mixer

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1 Problem with Behringer UB1204 FX Pro Mixer
Hi Guys,

I have just bought a brand new UB1204 FX Pro mixer, and i'm having trouble with it straight out of the box.

I have plugged a single mic (SM58 XLR) into each of the channels in turn, but I am getting nothing on the level meter and it seems that the mixer isnt getting any signal at all.
The RCA tape output is also connected to the line-in of my Soundblaster Live! 5.1, but again, no sound or signal.

I'm beginning to think the mixer is faulty, but I am still new to this whole game and it could be something really simple causing me trouble. Before I give up and take the thing back, I just want to make sure I am not missing something.

Is there anything I need to do or button I need to press so that the mixer can receive a signal?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.
you need a special kind of sound card. go for this one https://www.zzounds.com/a--3745/item--MDOAP2496
theres your answer :cool: