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Thread Weak Mic during recording

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1 Weak Mic during recording
I have a Tascam US-428 USB to Cool Edit Pro. I've gotten most of it set up. Now, I have a few ???

1) When I run a Shure SM57 to mic my amp into the mixer, the recorded volume is way too low. I can barely hear it during playback no matter what I do. If I plug the guitar straight into the input line of the mixer, the volume comes out desirable, but of course I don't want to cut out my amp. What to do?

2) Right now, to monitor the output of the mixer, I have RCA jacks from the mixer line out a cheapo stereo's line in. There are all kinds of cuts, skips, and pauses during playback. Is there anything I could do. Would getting a digital stereo/line out as opposed to RCA make a difference. I need a new stereo anyway.

Thanks for any help