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Thread S/PDIF Confusion!!!

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1 S/PDIF Confusion!!!
Recently I purchased an ESI WamiRack 192X soundcard for my computer. I am about to give analog the boot, but am having confusions about how to set up the digital thingies on this damn thing. I am considering purchasing 2 Roland Digital Studio Monitors along with a Subwoofer. Now I know that my sound card only has one digital in and one digital out connection on it, but how will that make the 3 digital active speakers work? Maybe I just am dumbed down on analog, but I just don't get it, and I'm not gonna lay down over $1000 dollars before learning how to set this thing up if you know what I mean... Oh, the connectors on the soundcard are the coaxial type S/PDIF capable connectors. The speakers will have the option of receiving optical and coaxial in the digital realm, and also an XLR hookup. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

i think you have to plug monitor speakers into the out puts of the rack unit, and not direct from the hard-drive

maybe im wrong though, you should really email the company, and ask for some tip, searching o nthe net, i cannot get enough of an idea how this interface works
Well, what I was getting at was that there is only one digital out on the card; all soundcards I've seen so far have only had one digital out. It also has a digital in on the card... I did research and found that s/pdif can run left and right signals through the digital out, but how does it know whick speaker to send the left and right signal to? And furthermore, how would it be possible to get the subwoofer hooked into the setup? I've looked all over the place on the net, I can't find answers, and Roland doesn't have an e-mail answering service; I'd have to call them during business hours which doesn't work out very well 'cause I work during business hours... my soundcard documentation didn't cover it either, so... the speakers have a 'thru' option which I'm guessing can be used to do such a setup, but I really need to know for sure how it works.