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Thread recording bass

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1 recording bass
i'm in the process of building a home mini studio. nothing 2 fancy.
i'd like some recommendations about what monitors and equipment i should use while working and recording especially bass guitars. i'm thinking about the julia sound card. i guess i need pretty strong amplification..any idea might help..
thanks :twisted:
Hey there, and welcome.
I'm a bass player myself and I understand the need for a good strong kicking bass track.
I record my guitars and drums with mics. I record my bass guitar direct in through my Zoom 502 bass multi effects pedal. Alot of people hate using Zoom pedals for recording, and I understand where they're coming from. I only record through my Zoom using a clean channel. I've tried recording with some effects that are in the pedal but they sound horrible.
Basically, if you can get your bass track recorded decently, you can eq like mad to make it thump as much as you like.


thanks 4 the reply but i'm asking something different..what monitors should i b using while working with bass guitars (something that won't break down after a few weeks cause the bass is 2 strong 4 it..).
i use the digitech multi effect which is great.
thanks again
I've used Behringer Truth 2030A's in my home for quite some time and never had a problem with them. (I'm also a bass player). In the studio, I use Mackie HR824's.

I'd just keep in mind that when mixing, esp. with bass, it's important to know your system and room setup. B/c of factors like standing waves, you sometimes will get 'pockets' where there's no bass sound, causing you to pump up the levels. Giving you a bad mix.

Also, remember that you're ears hear the flattest around 85db, so there's no need to pump anything louder than that.