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Thread Dusting Monitors

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1 Dusting Monitors
My monitors are starting to collect some dust..... :( Anyway, any suggestions on dusting them, especially around the speaker cone or tweater outs???

Don't touch the metal domes! They are extremely fragile. A feather duster very lightly applied "may" be ok. Dust Off in the spray can may be ok for camera lenses but the pressure is too high for some speaker domes.

If you are in a dusty or SMOKE filled place keep everything covered except when in use. Cigarette smoke is impossible to remove from speakers. Spray from opening a pop can too close maybe can be cleaned with plain water damp cloth or Q-Tip but requires a very very very delicate touch.

Crushed domes maybe can be fixed with sticky tape to pop them out. I have had good and bad luck with this.