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Thread Need Help with Studio Build...Help...lol

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1 Need Help with Studio Build...Help...lol

Alright heres the spill..

Just finished the booth in my garage. Now it time to get all of the Hardware...Here's the plan and I would like to know if these items are the right combo or mix.


Computer: HP P2667C-B

  • Intel Core2 Quad Q8300
  • 8GB PC2-6400 DDR2
  • 750GB Hard Drive
  • Win 7 Home Premium
  • ATI Radeon HD4350 512MB


Pro-tools 8 - Software

M-Audio Fast Track Pro - Audio Interface

Rode NT1A Professional - Mic

Mackie MR5 - Studio Monitors

Beats by Dre Monster - Headphones

I would like your input on things I dont need or do need...Thanks in Advance!!

Hey proph5cy - As far as a small studio goes, it looks like you have a pretty nice set up.  Of course everyone is different and wants to do different things with their studio, so there isn't necessarily a 'right' set up.  A lot of it will be trial and error to see what ends up being useful to you and not, but it seems like you've got a nice set up to start with.  The only thing I'd recommend is that if you're running Pro Tools, an Apple will run it much more smoothly than a PC will, but your computer looks pretty stacked so you should be okay as long as you aren't going crazy with it...the Rode NT1A is one of my favorite mics in the $200 range, so good choice there...Hope this helps...
Hey Thanks alot Mooser...I'm glad someone responded..I was looking into the apple comp too., they are alittle pricey for me..lol But I ran across that PC at Costco and fell in love with it. I'm only going to use it for protools and maybe Reason, but no kind of internet. Thanks again!!
it sounds like you are planning on recording/making rap and hip hop. you may want to check out other option for your mic.
that particular rode mic is fairly thin and brittle sounding. I.e. good for cymbals and female vocals. for more umph in a vocal track maybe look at the mxl tube mics ( I like to swap the stock tube with a mullard or groove tube) or better yet the shure sm7b! this mic can be used for anything. very present and warm(bass-y) vocal mic. basically indestrctible. there is a reason you\'ll find the 7b in every top studio. and garages!
Ditto on the SM7...Really just depends on what you'd like to do with it all...