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Thread Need help mixing.. track provided to show where I am at

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1 Need help mixing.. track provided to show where I am at
first off.. OMG  i just typed for 15 mins and the subject line was too long and I lost ALL the stuff I typed..


there is a song I have mixed and recorded.. im going to make this short and sweet since i just wasted so much time and dont have much left..

I am using a pv 08 mixer, a gxl 2200 mic going into a audigy 2 zs soundcard on win xp..

I am using adobe audition to record and have waves bundle plugins and just purchased izatope ozone 3 havent really got to use it yet..

I am working on my first real CD and want to get the vocals where I need them to be.. eminems vocals for instance sound GREAT.. of course dr dre produces him and hes one of the best rap producers but what I have at my fingertips are good enough to at least get close..

I dont really understand compression.. like can someone explain to me what to do after recording vocals? like.. de esser.. then compression? then EQ? I really need someone to take me under their wing cause I want to take this music stuff serious and really want to get the best out of what I have..

if u listen to the track I have provided.. you can see its not horribly mixed.. I dont think.. I have heard worse.. but its not NEAR what it needs to be.. I would GREATLY appreciate any help that anyone could give me.

is there anyone out there that if I sent them a session could roughly mix ONE VERSE to show me what I COULD sound like? and kinda explain to me how they did it?

I promise if u help me out, u wont be wasting ur time.. I wont just waste ur time and not do what u say.. and I will give u total credit for helping me out on my cd..

thanx in advance
hmm thanx for the help people LOL
Hey tre!

Sorry you did not get the response you desired.  I can give you some tips in general....

When you are just starting out there is alot of stuff to learn.  Recording, mixing, producing is a vast field that requires lots of education, persistence, patience and experimentation.  Some people go to school for this, others prefer to learn on their own.  It seems to me you decided to try to learn on your own.  Great!

Many accomplished producers did it this way but it requires you to do alot of homework by yourself.

Your message asked for TOO much help from the community as you have many areas that you need help on.  To get a better response, pick one area to work on at this point such as compression.  First, do your homework on compression.  Read articles such as:


Then come back and ask for feedback.  Also small tip, asking for a mentor, requires people to know you first.  it's like in real life.  If somebody walked up to you in the street out of nowhere and asked you to be their mentor....it would be a little weird.  You need to hang out and get to know people first.
okay, thank you.. I will read the article.. and see what I learn from that.. I will then get to know more people on the boards, because this is an art that I want to take seriously.. and being around others that have love for the same thing, could ONLY make me better... thanx for the reply