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Thread Studio and Street headphones - need help for a choice

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1 Studio and Street headphones - need help for a choice

Hello dear community,

I have a pair of bad headphones (JVC HA S350) that are now broken. They were fine as I was using them for listening to music in the street and at work and they were foldable so that was all I needed.

Now I want something a bit more "improved". I am planning to do some music at home and can't fit any good sound system (speakers etc...). I am thinking about a good pair of studio headphones.

My needs have nothing special: comfortable as I may use them for long mix sessions, closed (sound isolated) and obviously with a nice and realistic sound output so I will be sure that whatever will be used to play the music (cheap pc speakers or amazing sound system), the sound will remain correct! Basically, what you ask for a pair of studio headphones =D

My price would be around $200 (£125), and I am planing to do some music that is like chilled out electro, or light rock... well nothing very hard tho.

Also, as I mentioned above, for a day to day basis, I need a new pair of headphones for walking on the streets and to listen to music at the office. I work in an open space so not an open pair but I don't want a totally closed one too. I was considering a Alessandro MS1, looks good for rock music, but I listen to a lot of different kind of music and I read that they are "very" open.

My budget for these ones is around $130 (£80)... maybe a bit more if there is something that really worth it and that doesn't require any extras (amp...). I am also planning on buying a headphone amp if needed (means if your think a particular pair of headphones need an amp). The sound will be mainly mp3, from ipod or computer.

Let me know your thoughts!

thanks a lot.


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