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TC Electronic Studio & Home Studio user reviews

  • TC Electronic Level Pilot

    TC Electronic Level Pilot - "Simple install-insert between the loudspeakers"


    A simple but very helpful tool for passive, balanced levelling of any analogue stereo monitor step. Simply install/insert between the existing loudspeaker wiring and then you are ready to go. Nice QP rating. An appealing and high-quality technical…

  • TC Electronic M-One XL

    TC Electronic M-One XL - "I recommend it"


    The best place for this audio processor is a rack, its versatility makes it an irreproachable tool. UTILIZATION Used as an S/PDIF DAC, this M One integrates perfectly in an AES3 digital processing chain made up of a DEQ2496 and a DCX2496 for the am…

  • TC Electronic M2000

    TC Electronic M2000 - "It would be great if it cost less!!"


    The M2000 is simple to operate and you can do some really cool stuff with it. But the price is what throws me off. It cost over a grand and I did not feel like I got a grand worth of effects out of it. It does have some very good effects but there ar…

  • TC Electronic Finalizer Express

    TC Electronic Finalizer Express - "Mastering must have"


    Many people have run from the idea of having hardware mastering tools in such a digital world. But after learning so much from being in school to be a engineer and having hands on experience with all types of gear. Hardware mastering tools are still …

  • TC Electronic M350

    TC Electronic M350 - "355 presets total"


    The TC Electronic M350 has a dual engine to process effects with software control. It comes with a software editor that will allow you to control and edit with in real time. The front panel of the interface is where everything is, all your knobs and …

  • TC Electronic TC 1140 HS Parametric Equalizer / Preamplifier

    TC Electronic TC 1140 HS Parametric Equalizer / Preampl… - "Analog sound at its best"


    The TC Electronic 1140 is basically half of the TC 2240 unit. On the front, you have the input gain, output gain, EQ match gain, bypass switch and the four frequency control sections. Each frequency band covers a wide range and they overlap each oth…

  • TC Electronic TC 2240

    TC Electronic TC 2240 - "Lovely analog sound"


    The TC Electronic 2240 is basically two TC 1140 units, glued together in a 2U (unit) rack. On the front, you have the input gain, output gain, EQ match gain, bypass switch and the four frequency control sections. Each frequency band covers a wide ra…

  • TC Electronic TC 1128

    TC Electronic TC 1128 - "Top quality equalizer"


    The TC Electronic 1128 digitally controlled analog 28-band high-performance graphical equalizer, winner of the 1995 Tin Ear Award really lives up to its name. The late 80's/early 90's amazingly transparent equalizer sports MIDI and footswitch control…

  • TC Electronic Finalizer

    TC Electronic Finalizer - "Make your mix come alive"


    This mastering unit can be strapped right between your output of your recorder and your final destination (CD, DVD, HD, etc,)...It comes with AES/EBU input, coaxial in and out, MIDI in and out and SPDIF input and output... While the unit is not comp…

  • TC Electronic Finalizer 96K

    TC Electronic Finalizer 96K - "ADC/DAC Capability is not emphasized NEARLY ENOUGH!"


    Described as "complicated" often in reviews, but I found it relatively easy to wrap my brain around. Some other goon described it as being "tube based", which is absurd (as you have probably gathered already), but the effects are totally artifact-le…