TC Electronic Reverb 4000
TC Electronic Reverb 4000

Reverb 4000, Reverb from TC Electronic.

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demozic 06/02/2014

TC Electronic Reverb 4000 : demozic's user review

«  Excellent reverb for upscale work »

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The quarter of 6000 with a TC only algo reverb (no compressors, multi-effects and others) and rather use music (no surround, no algo-VSS3 Film).
Hardware level is ultra complete:
- Resolution: 16/24bits Fs: 44.1 / 48/88, 2/96 kHz
- Complete Ultra connectors: XLR analog I / O, AES (XLR) I / O SPDIF (RCA), optical I / O (SPDIF or ADAT), clock input (RCA), MIDI IN / OUT / THRU, USB (owner )
Great build quality, this is the CT (this is serious).
Reverb level: the best of the algo reverb TC M5000 from 6000 through the M3000, all in 4 categories Hall, Room and Plate Effects (NB: Effects contains only reverb but non-linear).


The controls on the front are great. The machine is very easy to access.
It can be controlled via USB, but little regret:
1 / soft TC Icon is standalone and does not work as a plug-in (direct recall by project management + Prog Change).
2 / From obliged without any wiring (Digital Audio, MIDI recall from the PC and USB DAW for editing)
Too bad if we had audio + MIDI via USB and soft VST / AU / RTAS / AAX, plug the USB cable alone would have been enough Anyway, this machine was released in 2003 (from memory) and is no longer "supported" TC since qq time.
Otherwise, lots of settings so bcp editing possibilities even if the doc is ultra succinct (only descriptive) and not enough detail why and how each parameter (the inverse of Lexicon on this point)
Strangely I prefer settings "Lexicon" I better control. Also note that the loading time of a prg can take 1-3 seconds.


Well here we go a bit in the war against hardware plug-ins.
I compared bcp plug-ins that have made incredible progress with the power of current computer (convolution and others).
For me, the big difference lies mainly in the response and accuracy at low frequencies (including VSS4) thereby sublimating acoustic sound sources whose quality is already very high.
But it also gives it the character described by some as "cold." It all depends on what you search. Only 2 plug-ins compete with this criterion for the moment: IRCAM Verb and Tsar1 (Softube). Except that, eg, the Tsar did a wholesale model rgb (vintage tweak is a simple low-cut that I personally heard and mind filter), where the 4000 has a larger choice bcp algo. IRCAM Verb has its own color and is very interesting but less versatile than the 4000. However plug the advantage of being "clonable" to infinity.
While bcp current reverb (plug) can already fill 90% of practices in mix (on sources "common"). 4000 filled the remaining for targeted sources (lead vocals, acoustic guitars) or exceptional acoustic quality sets (orchestras, solo piano, brass ensemble) or to recreate a space both light and air 10% (sound design ).


To appreciate this reverb, you have to work on material quality (high end). Less essential that there is a 10aine year, it still offers exceptional services.
I hesitated with an M3000, and I also like bcp reverb based VSS3. So I'm sure the M3000 can suit bcp users (including Live). Good complement to Lexicon. I regret not buying one (TC4000) or the other (M3000) earlier.
- Sound quality (accuracy in the LF band)
- Colour TC very "clear" and accurate (Supplementary Lexicon)
- Bcp algorithm and parameters
- Time reminder of a prog. (Live issue, unless you never change)
- And only one engine so no morphing mode as on M2000/3000
- As reverb (not even a small delay or chorus here and there: ()
- USB owner
- Price (even if it has fallen)