TC Electronic Finalizer Express
TC Electronic Finalizer Express

Finalizer Express, Studio compressor from TC Electronic.

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sw80 10/08/2012

TC Electronic Finalizer Express : sw80's user review

« Mastering must have »

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Many people have run from the idea of having hardware mastering tools in such a digital world. But after learning so much from being in school to be a engineer and having hands on experience with all types of gear. Hardware mastering tools are still very powerful, the TC Electronic Finalizer Express is one of those pieces of gear that you must have! You can rack this unit, and it will take up one space. It is a complete mastering tool, it has limiting, and normalizing.


The TC Electronic Finalizer will ad some really good energy to your music without putting forth much effort. This mastering tool has made a lot of songs I have engineered have a big sound to them. It has worked for me way better than a lot of DAW mastering suits. I really like how when you put a mix on a song, and its time to master but you don’t want to lose the feel of the bass. This will keep your bass lively and manage to keep it tight and too much. For a while this Finalizer was all I would work with.


It has 20 and 16 bi dithering, and all of your main connections like MIDI and S/PDIF. The sound quality of your master you will get using this device is incredible. You do feel kind of limited when it comes to EQ though because EQ on a hardware device is a lot different from using a EQ in a software. So it could take some time to get to understand the Finalizer if you have not worked with hardware before (mainly mastering hardware devices).


This is a great tool to have, if you have the space you should purchase this. Most of us don’t carry hardware like this in our home setups. But if you have the room you should buy it and watch your mixes turn into high quality masters. Mastering a song needs tools like this, you cannot master a song without great compression and limiters. Understand how to use this unit and it will make you some money!