TC Electronic Finalizer Express
TC Electronic Finalizer Express

Finalizer Express, Studio compressor from TC Electronic.

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PeterCocteau 03/04/2010

TC Electronic Finalizer Express : PeterCocteau's user review


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The Finalizer Express is a compressor / limiter multiband stereo. This 1U rack Gnrale mastering destiny is Designed around a DSP.
3 compressors / limiters act on Self-Employed 3-band (Bass, Medium, High) Frequencies of cuts which are fixed 315 Hz and 3.15 kHz linear phase filters numriques.
Many sizes are available as input and output:

-Analog inputs and outputs (Jack) (A / D conversion and D / A 24-bit).
Numriques-inputs and outputs: S / PDIF (RCA or opto), AES (XLR). (16, 20 and 24-bit, 44 or 48Khz i)

The signal is provided continuously on the sets of outputs.
RESOLUTION The default is 24 bits but the "Dither" can be converted into 20 or 16-bit output signal without affecting the internal performance.
Implantation-MIDI Volume control.
-Possibility of Volume control with optional fader (Jack)

25 pRSET ditables not offer compression ratio and attack time determined for each of 3 bands.? Other Paramtres accessible by potentiomtres and buttons are?-Normalize: adjust threshold gnral compressors. Compensation for loss of output gain is done automatically.? Softclip-1: enables the activation of limiting global upstream of multiband processing.? Softclip-2: allows the setting function of each band restrictors own.? - The spectral balance: each band availing oneself of his own rglage volume?-The accent or emphasis: to increase the compression ratio of a band when it is engaged.? Fade-in / out: You can adjust the output level without affecting general De compression applied to the signal.


I use it in home studio, its use is simple and effective.

Even if the manual is not very clear, the grip is very quickly no matter who knows how to use a compressor.

Its simple interface allows use very fast and pleasant use.? The "Maître seen" is very readable and presents both all the useful signals.?

If the multiband compressor is originally a mastering tool, use the Finalizer can be also very effective on a premix or on a single track. ? This is a very versatile machine which is usable in many configurations. For my part I connect S-PDIF on a map Motu, so I can use it as a multiband compressor without "breaking the chain numrique" ... Moreover, I simply select the bypass and its analog inputs to enjoy only its A / D quality.??


It's ace hardware and pro fit. Ds his arrival I test on my old model of 17 years ago, at a time I was mixing the songs not really, well short of models dirty ... and I have jubilee of facets to discover insouponnes. The finalizer A veritable gives a more pro ts, the mouth mixes with missing class.

Creativity, when pushed, it may restrict avrer formidable a bunch of audio sources ..

But after almost a year, I must confess that I do not use it as in a mix of today because it has a little too low tendency eat my taste. And c 'is my big criticism: the lack of heat, treble too flattering. Let's say I like things more roots ...

Nevertheless have I use it daily to the quality of its converters: they are very clean and even though I prefer the D / A my Motu rounder who is always A / D finalizer that I used to numriser a signal.