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blackle 10/15/2013

TC Electronic FireWorx : blackle's user review

« Designed by Professor Calculus in person! »

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Multi-effects of his condition, he is equipped with analogue / digital outputs, with the latter the possibility of using the AES / EBU, S / PDIF and ADAT.
Among the effects produced: reverb, delay, ring modulation, filter effects, transposition tonal distortion generator, noise generator, vocoder, dynamic processing, chorus, flanger, auto pan, EQ (not exhaustive).


Basic usage is simple, the interface is very well thought out, on the other hand to find sounds the least original and most used, it is important not to be afraid to enter the FireworX, play with settings that are sometimes many, but still understandable. In this, this unit is closer to a generator Eventide (yum) a simple style multi-effect effect.

To return to use it is near a Lexicon MPX 1 M2000 his distant cousin. Know this, because this demand effect, as the MPX 1, a great time learning to use it to the best of its ability. In a word, read the manual before you venture too far in the programming.


Normally, and almost all boiboites effect, the vast majority of brands strive to design products for clean and friendly effects of the source. Add eg a reverb or delay to a voice, a piano, and do not disfiguring. Always hear the instrument as it is. It is great being even a minimum. But it can be a boring at times. Can not find you? No?

The FireworX, he inflicts the signal distortion as wild qu'étranges. More Z'alambiqués and twisted each other effects, one little more original word. But also, at times, the most useless through being weird.
Just like on my old M2000 reverbs are not my favorite effects, preferring by far, other, more in this area boiboites. on the other hand wherever FireworX is strong is the set of associations happier one than the other, which are arranged in twelve separate blocks effects:

phew ...

And some effects are mild names: vocoder, ring modulator, resonator, digital cruncher fractal noise generator, etc.. it makes you want is not it?

To return to the reverberations, they are not ugly, far from it, they simply do not have the smooth and chiseled that can be encountered in others. To give you an idea they are slightly below those of the MPX 1, that way I'll talk a little later (I know, I'm talkative and I often have a marked tendency to scatter me).

Many other effects are very good hand with a small flat for the chorus lacking a bit of punch. The various filters and modulators are the most beautiful species and great depth, capable of the ultimate hack.

The effects of distortion and means are capable of simulating a whole bunch of big delusions, simulation telephone voice, noise generator noise, etc..
Tonal transposition is not bad and to tell you the best on the M2000.

Deadlines are in my opinion not long enough and especially to be able to complete move from a device that does just that. For the time I am probably a little hard but I still pity that Tc has not included in its FireworX at least the possibilities of their D-Two. on the other hand for sound quality, these delays do not suffer any criticism.

For so-called pan effects .. what about .. I think I've said too much already and have sailed enough superlatives to redo a slice of more .. but I'll still you add a small layer. These panning therefore, are one of the great successes of the Tc, and use in conjunction with dynamic filters is to wonder if Leslie does not would point the tip of his nose rotary.

The Vocoder is a kind of apotheosis sound. Except with real Vocoder, the result is always a way, if not incomprehensible. Believe me if you want, but FireworX succeeded admirably where others have failed.


On the incredible creative potential. All those who love the sound hack uncompromising flow into one ear and than done as good. You're like me and you want to go further? Imagine if FireworX with this it was possible to chain more effective (I know, besides being incredibly talkative, I'm also a little crazy). Can you imagine the freedom and the extraordinary possibilities? Well, it falls well as you imagine with this Tc is quite possible to insert another rack in its processing blocks .. you see where I'm coming from? The MPX 1 .. and yeah ladies and gentlemen, I'd rather tell you my poor Lexicon abandoned for a long time has quickly resumed service to one of the coolest gas plant that can be imagined.

Sarah. A girl a little crazy and spiritual daughter of Tryphon Tournesol. Explains everything :)