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Hotone Audio Skyline user reviews

  • Hotone Audio Tuner

    Hotone Audio Tuner - " Reduced efficiency"


    I use it since June 2014, no worries for now but it's still early. I was torn between this one and the Polytune but the price of the last made me think and did not deserve that I spend too much for a single tuner. Learn about the pedals Hotone …

  • Hotone Audio Blues

    Hotone Audio Blues - fabsqueak's review


    I tried it yesterday with a friend. With a Strat and a Vox. Something lamp made in china. Brackets. (Ca work very well, but it did nothing to the color of a vox and even less of a ... JMI short!) UTILIZATION Pedal, Simple boost, gain at arou…

  • Hotone Audio Eko

    Hotone Audio Eko - " Gives great atmosphere, test!"


    A digital delay of about 500ms (I think it may be a bit more). True Bypass touuuuut and small size (it can be a plus). Super strong, that side, the design is very good (in black knobs fluorescent apparently!). Nice aesthetic with LED that illum…

  • Hotone Audio Blues

    Hotone Audio Blues - tiep's review


    1 true bypass switch, 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 gain, and a switch to low (which adds the headroom) the pedal is really tiny and still seems robust UTILIZATION it is a overdrive pedal, nothing more simple to use SOUND QUALITY I was very surprised…

  • Hotone Audio OCTA

    Hotone Audio OCTA - " SPECIAL MENTION"


    True Bypass Footswitch - Zinc Alloy Outer Cover - Transparent big knob and two small knobs noctilucent - Cool LED lights - Current Consumption: 53 mA - Dimensions: 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H) - Weight: 190 g (Small) minus pe…

  • Hotone Audio Blues

    Hotone Audio Blues - " So small but so good!"


    Effect stupid, level tone and gain. A small switch for added bass. The pedal is really small but beefy enough and seems damn good. In addition I find it quite nice and original compared to the rest of the offer of the genre. UTILIZATION You tu…

  • Hotone Audio Grass

    Hotone Audio Grass - " Overdrive little greasy"


    Overdrive is not a doubt about it. Typed Zendrive. UTILIZATION The use is very simple, as 99% of a Level overdrive, a Tone and Gain (Voice call here as the Zendrive). There are in addition a micro switch to activate a "brigt". Turns and look…

  • Hotone Audio Chunk

    Hotone Audio Chunk - " Small but mighty!"


    Micro pedal like in the palm of the hand, after the Skyline end brand. UTILIZATION Not worry about the settings, it's standard. Level, Gain, Tone. It's very nice, and the little button HOT subtle adjustments. SOUND QUALITY In distortion, it…