Hotone Audio OCTA

OCTA, Octaver/Harmonizer/Whammy from Hotone Audio in the Skyline series.

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boogie les bons tuyaux 06/04/2014

Hotone Audio OCTA : boogie les bons tuyaux's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
True Bypass Footswitch

- Zinc Alloy Outer Cover

- Transparent big knob and two small knobs noctilucent

- Cool LED lights

- Current Consumption: 53 mA

- Dimensions: 74mm (D) x 44mm (W) x 44mm (H)

- Weight: 190 g

(Small) minus pedal, polyphonic octave measuring 7x4cm

advertised as a true bypass, the OCTA has basically three options:
October 1 and October 2 acting on the sub or upper octaves.
for each mix can have a "dirty" (knob on / off) that works very well with a bass.

and finally, it can handle the volume of the overall mix, via a large backlit knob, very well positioned.

all in a super heavy solid box, which is useful given the size of the widget, which proves that they have thought of everything to achieve a high level of fnish.


well, despite the few buttons, it is difficult to dip a little (of course if you do not read the manual, as most users, including myself!)
Me, I Oct. 1 (sub) = 60% October 2 (upper) = 20%
dirty = off and general mix = 100%

one can go far in the extreme, especially with this dirty giving a distortion effect or big muff bass.
the October 1 responds very well, I think the October 2 is not useful, but it is under my use.


I am very satisfied because it is placed on my acoustic set.
I clicks to complete bass lines in my RC20, and I need that - the sound is powerful (often lose octave gain once engaged)
- It does not answer
- It is clean and realistic.

and I must say that it is in my case, faultless.

either electric or acoustic guitar in my pBoard I have an A / B to enter two guitars each pass by the OCTA.


I've had it about a month, and I had just before the PURE OCTAVE which I think is more suitable for bass.
loss of light and late for MOOER

there no problem with the HOTONE
My bassist has tested its low and approximates the bcp MICROPOG2.

Again, I was looking for a cheap pedal to satisfy a need to make bass lines in an acoustic repertoire, in a looper.
So, I found what I was looking, and I no longer looking for something else now