Vox Cambridge 30R
Vox Cambridge 30R

Cambridge 30R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Cambridge series.

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All user reviews for the Vox Cambridge 30R

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janouch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Cambridge 30R
This is a 30 watt which seems to deliver more
It's a hybrid amp with a preamp year lamp
All the necessary conections are present
A tremolo quality as the reverb
All with "LE" Vox design, as then the Beatles, much more class than the new design chrome, sleek and cold.


Could not be more simple. It's less headache than amp modeling (which in any case it is seeking a vintage Vox unadorned)
Always handy to the side of the Vox only bass and treble buttons (no need for more)
We quickly found the sound we want to have when choosing this type of amp. (Since it has often chosen for its musical direction ... Rarely has the metal case)


It is suitable for all styles of music from rock and roll roots more than the current through the blues (see jazz but now I do not know because I do not play jazz on my guitar)
I play a telecaster reissue 1952 and is "super" ... Need I say more ...
It is particularly at ease on the grunge type sound and it's personally what I was looking so they're not alone.
It sounds Vox input and that's just ... magic! As an old recipe of grandmother who would be successful all the time


I use it for 1 year. (It is no longer produced and that's a shame because I would do the same choice, and above all I do not like modeling ... especially if it is to be positioned in the Vox, both directly to the amp copied)
I love a tile appearance of another time, his desire to burning fat, just snapping three agreements or to shout to have a note Rory Gallagher in the lead (among others).
Thanks to the preamp is very light very close to an AC 30 (except it's cheaper and it will cost cheaper lamps)
Given the quality of all elements of this amp, the tremolo breathtaking quality, great reverb, the HP celestion, the lamp system etc ... The award is given! I regret not having proffité when he was still in production and I would reiterate a used one if necessary without hesitation. In my opinion this is a gem whose popularity will only continue to climb To be continued ...
I frankly did not find negative even looking good.
I hope that Vox will change tack and return to hybrid amplifiers as well designed as was the Cambridge Reverb, leaving a little aside the modeling amps that make something of a gadget in hand. This is an excellent alternative from the Vox AC30 too expensive and all the amps that do not sound ugly. (It is rather in the first class ... A better prices)

Hardschok's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Cambridge 30R
Hybrid amplifier (tube preamp)
30w power (actually a little sup)
effect: reverb a nice even though I loved more by effects acciones footswtch but ...


Operation is simple, no need to get the grain manuel.Pour wished I find it takes quite a push, at low volume it runs out of breath!


Question I was surprised at its first use: it spits a lot is Grallon (yuck lol), the clean sound is not worth a Fender and it is not the cleanest (meaning limited as filthy ... the rest) but it has its charm, a slight buzz that does not displease me! In distortion we must push it again and shortness of breath, but the hand of the scratch is for many, by attacking some it sounds wickedly hard rock or rock and roll (do not ask him to add a metal pedal). I let go to play some riff to AC-DC and that's happiness!


... In short a sound that has the character typed blues / rock, a little dirty and very British (all the charm of vox). One thing I like is the time it leaves the place to scratch s express to you to ring the amp!
in short, a brave little that (with the fender cleaner, sound American) is perfect for rock shows (I do not regret having sold my marshall too loud and heavy metal! me my thing is the good old rock Padre of the 70's)

lapinmalin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox Cambridge 30R
Tube preamp - transistor power amp, 30 watts, 2 speakers Celestion Bulldog 10 "
- Clean channel: volume - bass - treble
- Saturated channel: volume - Gain - Bass - Treble - Mid-boost - OD1-OD2
- Reverb and tremolo which can adjust the speed and depth

Negative: each channel has volume, but no master


Very simple: zero setting (see above). It looks like a AC30 is so basic. One branch is a little hack, and presto, you have the sound.


I use it with a little Gordon Smith (http://www.fairplay.demon.co.uk/) or an Epiphone ES 335 equipped with Seymour Duncan P90. Clear sound a little crunchy, beautiful. No need for additional effects. The vintage sound is perfect for my style (brit, pop, rock). Fans of hard and heavy, I'm afraid it is not your amp.

I teamed mine with a power amp of 100 watts. And it became a real machine for slaughter! He buries any Marshall.

For those who do not know, these little amps are equipped with a source of optical coupler failed. The amp loses all his abilities when it is hot. Simply replace the part (+ or - € 50.00) by a specialist, and that's it.


I dreamed of a small Vox, and here I am in love. I probably paid dearly for this amlpi used, and to do customize, but the result is this: I have a Vox combo (as they are beautiful!) With a super powerful sound of hell tiny light as a feather. What more? Anyway, I did well to get rid of my Marshall.