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Hybrid Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus

    Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus - "It was okay to start out with."


    Not much to add (solid-state, pseudo hybrid ....clean channel 100% solid-state, OD channel with a marshall 12Ax7 tube). It's a pity it doesn't feature a headphone out or a speaker out to connect it to external cabs, with hindsight I would've really …

  • Vox VR30R

    Vox VR30R - "Avoid it..."


    The clean channel is just ok, but the gain is pretty bad, in my opinion. (I have an amp that I paid $50 for that has a better lead channel.) This isn't the best, and that's probably why it was quickly discontinued. The clean channel is workable,…

  • Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus

    Marshall 8240 ValveState S80 Stereo Chorus - "It puts up with low frequencies!"


    Solid-state amp with one 12AX7 preamp tube Standard connections. 2x40 watts with two 12" Celestion G12T speakers Stereo chorus and reverb Open back USE You plug in, turn the knobs and play... SOUND To me, this amp is a must for deat…

  • Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V

    Marshall 8040 ValveState 40V - "Hard to break"


    40W amp with tube preamp and solid-state power amp. 2 channels: clean and boost with EQ each (bass/mid/treb for clean and bass/treb for boost) 1 gain control on each channel (which works as a volume control on the clean channel) 1 Contour co…

  • Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V

    Marshall 8080 Valvestate 80V - "Not a bad Marshall. It was OK - but NOT a JCM800. "


    Solid state, 80 watts of power (too much for a 1x12, imho). 2 Channels, one which is tube preamp'ed for gain. I don't remember if it had a cab / out jack... I might have mod'ed mine with one if I remember correctly. 1x12 Celestion speaker, white …

  • Marshall VS100R

    Marshall VS100R - "Great Amp"


    I recently picked up this amp on Ebay for a little over 200 dollars. A damn good deal. The serial number denotes it was made in 1998 and I’m cool with that.…very cool. I like older women, guitars, Harleys and amps. I don’t want to start a rush to buy…

  • Fender Performer 1000

    Fender Performer 1000 - "small but great sound"


    This is a 5 watt tube amp without any frills like tone or gain, just simply a power switch, volume knob, and a 1/4" standard guitar input. Any tone shaping can be done with effects equipment, but not in a loop, prior to the gain/volume stage. UTI…

  • Fender Performer 650

    Fender Performer 650 - "Perfect when played loud"


    Solid state amp with tube distortion channel. Actually, different from what is stated here (and that the model name wrongfully suggests), the amp is 80W RMS. 12 inch Fender speaker kicks loudly and can easily be used as PA to play in a medium-sized…

  • Music Man 212-HD One Thirty

    Music Man 212-HD One Thirty - "Fantastic tone"


    The Musicman 212 HD amplifier is a cool little Fender type amplifier. You have two channels of operation and two separate to 12 speakers. The look of this guitar amplifier is extremely similar to a fender twin reverb amp. It has virtually the same t…

  • Marshall VS100R

    Marshall VS100R - "rocks!"


    This is a tube combo amp that has developed a loyal following over the years. It has a single 1/4" connection. It has two channels, which are designated rhythm and lead. The rhythm channel is clean/slightly overdriven, and actually has a crunch switc…