Vox Cambridge 30R
Vox Cambridge 30R

Cambridge 30R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Cambridge series.

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elco7 03/04/2009

Vox Cambridge 30R : elco7's user review


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Pramp 'the' lamp, a 12AX7 gain medium, which couple channel 2
an HP 10 "Celestion bulldog 8ohms (+ hp output outside)
2 channels with a boost
spring reverb


Turn buttons and other snap, no medium setting.
The shot of the two cranks, it's not terrible (one for reverb and channel 2 and the other for tremolo)
Yes it is very simple to use!
In surlev repeats a pass on a table, but not repiqu concert should not exaggerate


The 10 hp is full of mediums, as there is no medium settings, it is necessary to twist the bottom or equa love the basic sound of the combo, which is very easy
Low 10 it is

the reverb and channel 2 will give more nuances beyond 6
The reverb is very nice I think. The tremolo I do not know how to use ....
The crunch is pretty cool, moreover with ts-808 or even a BigMuff front is super manly.


Ah that's what combo, the elongated size gives it a certain allure. And the good vox have a nice fabric (not like the new Metal.)

The bill is good, although the corners protgs not get damaged.
What is unfortunate is that it is slightly surpassed because of Valvetronix the cambridge 30 is good but not essential, and for "the same price," some prefer num section America and more.