Vox Cambridge 30R
Vox Cambridge 30R

Cambridge 30R, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Cambridge series.

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MGR/Rob B 06/24/2004

Vox Cambridge 30R : MGR/Rob B's user review

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Purchased used on ebay for $152.00, had brown-out problems.

I tried one out at Guitar Center that sounded good for the small amount of cash. I was impressed how 30 watts projected from this amp. The (2) 10' Celestions seemed fuller than the single speaker version. I have some Thomas amps from the 60's but this one was lighter with a decent spring reverb. The overdrive channel sounded great with my Charvel Model 1 axe. Good saturation with the tube preamp.

As I mentioned this amp was in need of repair due to the brown-out condition. After searching some sites on the net I read a review that identified the problem as the opto-coupler in the tremelo circuit. This was the major contributor to the amp being discontinued! After replacing that part the amp rocks!! If you have this amp or the Cambridge 30 (1) 10" version-thats your fix. Too bad Vox used one crappy component in a nicely concieved amp. One minor gripe is you need (2) footswitches to operate mrb,tremelo,reverb, & overdrive.

See above. Other than the opto-coupler its a nice amp for under $400.00. I did add some AC-30 vents from North Coast Music in the rear panel. Heat is a problem with the stock units.

I'm not in a metal band so I have used this amp to gig with without any problems. Its got enough power, espescially with a (2) 12" extension cab as I used it. I do think they should have put corner protectors on since they always take the hits. Added some stock Vox pieces myself-looks cool! Was going to sell it but changed my mind. Its easier to move than my Buckingham or Super Beatle & I don't want to risk my 1965 tube Cambridge in the clubs.

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