Behringer Vintager AC108
Behringer Vintager AC108

Vintager AC108, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Behringer in the Vintager series.

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Matosman59 10/15/2014

Behringer Vintager AC108 : Matosman59's user review

«  Great amp for work and Records. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
1 12AX7 preamp lamp
And the lamp is not there to decorate, but does its taf.
15 watts rms .... The true watts as it pushes the guy
Few adjustable treble and bass master gain
Next to this switch for 2 channel and the Sture, who acts on the amount of low medium


Simpler you die.
The clean channel is very good either with the switch of medium Inrush or not.
The popping sound when with him .... You have to work a bit more.
Let's say from 0 to 12 on the gain, we are moving from a light overdrive to overdrive straight forward.
From 12, it is a overdrive pushed to extreme, and we have a fuzzy overdrive sound.
The gain in depth, and we have a dirty fuzz, but not unpleasant.


I took this amp for quiet work at home.
Or there was my surprise when I c is stuck him an overdrive.
The overdrive channel has grown immensely, and sounds very large despite the small hp.
Frankly, J stays on cl!
It accepts super well any type of pedal and even simulators are welcome.

the amp possesses real low with a small bowl, and aquamarine are not aggressive like most amps of this price.

It reminds me a little fender hybrid, but I have to admit .... In the best!
Strange, but it's like that ....


Usually I don t like the Behringer products, but now I'm seduced.
D Besides this amp is the same as the bugera bc 15 rebadged, but cheaper than 40 €.
The value for money is excellent, especially for Cygnus (40 € for mine).