Behringer Vintager AC108
Behringer Vintager AC108

Vintager AC108, Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp from Behringer in the Vintager series.

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ricoute 10/26/2012

Behringer Vintager AC108 : ricoute's user review

«  Not terrible ... even OCCAZ!! »

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12AX7 preamp and a power transistor circuit

a priori 15w

a double volume shift position that allows so bare / uk

no effect


config could not be more direct

no manual, but who used a guitar amp: classic

the sound is clean .... see below

The big problem is very troublesome hum e npause game, showing the construction immune to bad shielding material and a transformer a little itty bitty globelement very eco although construction and finish are good


it is almost versatile peru

the sound is pretty transistor, despite a slight heat, but the sound remains fairly rich.

position shift allows more or less of the medium us> uk is interesting e nMore of classic bass / mid / treble

It sounds pretty boxy on the bones nclair any drive / saturation a good level of saturation, but overall a grain any

it seems PC market with some 60's trat my Epi pauls the special (the latter uses more amp but not e nbien!


I bought it used, but fortunately have kept very short time and sold quickly, I'm used to full hp lamps with a 12 'and also very demanding of his matter, I largely misled by buying it must recognize and therefore no comparison

It does not demerit, his hum is huge to the point that might think it is a defect in the sample tour, but it seems that this is a default + / - recurring! General

R / p / q is relatively poor

Even at a modest price OCCAZ, better buy something else!!

So you understand, I not only recommend it but more remake this choice, it is only justified for débutnat not wanting to invest too much is not the worst amps (vox & 4 ac3 the much more expensive m 'bcp were more disappointed!)