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Ibanez L user reviews

  • Ibanez ADL Delay

    Ibanez ADL Delay - Steveguitarist's review


    Picked this up on EBAY for $60. I wanted an AD9 but their going for $150+. I read this article: Ibanez ADL Analog Delay The Ibanez ADL Analog Delay from the 'Master Series' (also known as the 10 Series and L-Series) was the analog delay designed by I…

  • Ibanez STL Super Tube

    Ibanez STL Super Tube - " Granular ..."


    Cheap classic saturation 80. We were not spoiled at the time ... UTILIZATION No need to book. SOUND QUALITY The sound that comes out of this pedal is extremely grainy, unpleasant though it remains well bite. With a small saturation, or as boo…

  • Ibanez STL Super Tube

    Ibanez STL Super Tube - " A great overdrive"


    This is an analog pedal that has not one but two famous JRC4558D chipsets that are so popular nowadays. It can be fed by batteries or use a cord type boss. It is compatible. The only negative is that the plastic buttons that do not fit. But consideri…

  • Ibanez SML Super Metal

    Ibanez SML Super Metal - Tiger foods's review


    1. FEATURES What are the effects, or types of effects available? What technology is used? (Analog, digital, tube ...) Are they edited? Via an editor for Mac / PC? What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI) Is it a rack or rack-mount model? …

  • Ibanez DDL Digital Delay

    Ibanez DDL Digital Delay - Yohanmusic's review


    Delay effect, 4 settings: D-Time, D-Level, Repeat and adjustment S., L. and Hold. Input jack output over an output Dry-out. UTILIZATION Easy to use, I does not touch a setting and then more. The battery replaceable from above, c handy. SOUND QU…

  • Ibanez STL Super Tube

    Ibanez STL Super Tube - jean fanch's review


    Overdrive type TS9/808 better because more velvety and versatile! the famous analog circuits used in both previous and OD are Famous! UTILIZATION Very intuitive to use, but more complete than 9 or a TS BOSS SD1! Once found the right setting,…

  • Ibanez SML Super Metal

    Ibanez SML Super Metal - juno6's review


    This is an analog distortion pedal. It is equipped with two JRC4558D known for their beautiful sound quality, never aggressive. The connection is the most classic one input and one output jack to amp format 6.35. UTILIZATION The use is very sim…

  • Ibanez STL Super Tube

    Ibanez STL Super Tube - purple.telecaster's review


    . Overdrive pedal analog (with 2 JRC 4558) made between 1985 and 1987 and, like many effects by maxon ibanez, "Made in Japan" only . Priori Ibanez ST9 copy of the revamped series for L UTILIZATION . Of course with a further adjustment of the so…

  • Ibanez MSL Metal Screamer

    Ibanez MSL Metal Screamer - purple.telecaster's review


    Despite rrone appellation, it's a great overdrive pedals analog "clone" of the tube screamer SERIES 9 out only between 1985-1987 connectors "standard" = in / out jack + alim 9volt "the boss" UTILIZATION Simplicity-efficacitbr /> = for purists t…

  • Ibanez STL Super Tube

    Ibanez STL Super Tube - domgt40's review


    Overdrive transistor 80's. IBANEZ "Super Tube" = HAPPINESS! ************************************************** *********************************** UTILIZATION Everything you read on the magic of "Ibanez Tube Screamer" and other vintage "Max…