Ibanez SML Super Metal
Ibanez SML Super Metal

SML Super Metal, Distortion from Ibanez in the L series.

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juno6 11/25/2007

Ibanez SML Super Metal : juno6's user review


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This is an analog distortion pedal. It is equipped with two JRC4558D known for their beautiful sound quality, never aggressive.
The connection is the most classic one input and one output jack to amp format 6.35.


The use is very simple even if there are more settings than with TS 808 or even a super tube screamer ...

Five rotary knobs:
- Drive,
- Level,
- Attack,
- Edge,
- Punch.


Aaaah ... the sound it's beautiful.
It can be used to boost, overdrive, distortion "classic" and even very large distortion (with humbuckers, it's pretty wicked!). The sound is never sloppy and always enough Péchu and ringworm (with fender style guitars for example ...).

This pedal is fully compliant with the signal, even at very high volume, which is not the case eg. with the new TS9 TA7558 and sad ...


This is a quality effect, which is not confined to one style as its name might suggest ...

The value for money is good enough given the rating of the TS808, ST9 and company ...