Ibanez STL Super Tube
Ibanez STL Super Tube

STL Super Tube, Overdrive pedal from Ibanez in the L series.

Sutch 09/06/2013

Ibanez STL Super Tube : Sutch's user review

«  A great overdrive »

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Value For Money : Excellent
This is an analog pedal that has not one but two famous JRC4558D chipsets that are so popular nowadays. It can be fed by batteries or use a cord type boss. It is compatible. The only negative is that the plastic buttons that do not fit. But considering the sound, it does not matter.


I did not have the manual. Anyway, it is the use that is made up.


I use a U.S. Strat and a Fender Supersonic 60 watt all lights. His hendrixien and SRV guaranteed. Its clear, this is a smooth and biting overdrive. Saturated, it's a good boost that colors the sound well.


I tried before two visual sound (Double Trouble, Jekyll and Hyde), the maxon OD9 the Ibanez TS9 and 7 (which is not bad for the price elsewhere) and is not to say it is in the old pots you make the best soups. These are strong Japanese 80s! This is a pedal that has not been published a long time and will be more listed for connoisseurs ... I remake that choice without hesitation, especially when used, I got it for a good price!