Ibanez Roadstar II
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Ibanez Roadstar II user reviews

  • Ibanez RS300

    Ibanez RS300 - killerkgprime's review


    The Ibanez Roadstar is MIJ. Mine had a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge, and the stock single coils in the middle and neck. The neck is maple with a rosewood board. I loved the neck profile, it felt like a great, chunky C shaped strat. Really comforta…

  • Ibanez RB924

    Ibanez RB924 - " A good bass Rock"


    Japanese -Fabrication 1983 Solid -Chevalet, Schaller kind -Manche Ibanez, easy to play, 24 frets. -A Micro hidden under a humbucker cover PB, Double Jazz Bass - Volume, Balance, tone, split three positions for the double JB (1, 1, 1 + 1) -B…

  • Ibanez RB650

    Ibanez RB650 - " It ensures grandmother"


    Made in Japan with quality japan 80's. Two microphones, a PB and JB. Ibanez copied very good at the time. UTILIZATION Handle very conventional precision. Its typical rock the old we get to saturate clean and light metallic coloring riffs to…

  • Ibanez RS100 [1983]

    Ibanez RS100 [1983] - " When we knew even go down frills ..."


    This is a Japanese "strat" ​​80s with a single tone, maple neck, 21 frets ... UTILIZATION In short, it is a "Strat" ​​with a handle Ibanez. I think the picture is clear ... SOUNDS I had a pounding to put a humbucker in bridge position JEM, th…

  • Ibanez RB850

    Ibanez RB850 - " Excellent bass goes everywhere."


    Made in Japan, Easel piece Accucast BIII, BII mechanical velve tune, bolt on neck maple 3-ply, 24 frets. Body "basswood" (lime) (that's less!) With a convex shape. 2 humbuckers with coils switcheurs single / dual integrated volume controls and tone c…

  • Ibanez RB850

    Ibanez RB850 - zonzonzon's review


    it's a cheap ibanez bass, 1986 made in Japan. I have the 5 string model that has been de-chartered by a pro luthier. all original except the strings (logic) and the bridge, replace a big block well strong! this bass is equipped with active electro…

  • Ibanez RB600

    Ibanez RB600 - funkypopol's review


    4 string passive bass, 1982 made in Japan, handle 21 frets, short scale 32 ", pickups Ibanez Super P4 pickup. 2 rglages: Tone and Volume Saddle sleeve UTILIZATION Handle ultra-pleasant, easy to play. Low trslgre SOUNDS I use it in home-…

  • Ibanez RB924

    Ibanez RB924 - michel_olivier's review


    Good bass from 1983 made in Japan, alder body and maple, passive, excellent finish, 24 frets. Model not distributed in France, so there are very few among us ... Exists a priori in the same reference with one or two microphones ... A single coi…

  • Ibanez RS1400

    Ibanez RS1400 - desratovski's review


    1983 model, manufactured in Japan (167 copies). 21 frets, 2 humbuckers splitables separately in single, rglage Volume and Tone for each of the microphones, slecteur 3 positions NECK USE The handle is very pleasant, access to acute is very e…

  • Ibanez RB630

    Ibanez RB630 - Groove on Family's review


    • Precision Bass body type black / white plate, passive, volume + tone, 21 frets • View the previous opinion. I know nothing more about his pedigree. UTILIZATION • The handle is really too large for my taste. • No problem to access the treble…