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  • Ibanez SRX300

    Ibanez SRX300 - "Ibanez SRX300"


    bought in a store in Spain, Alternativas Musicales, who give BIG discounts ;) It´s listprice is 480€ but I paid 385€... Bought it as a second bass after having played lots of basses in stores and having read like 1000000 articles on all basses. I was…

  • Ibanez SRX300

    Ibanez SRX300 - "Ibanez SRX300"


    i got this bass a few weeks ago. I payed 300 bucks and it was well worth it! sounds great, really loud clean sound looks like a million bucks cant say anything bad about it right now except it is a slight but uncomfortable on the forearm area. …

  • Ibanez SRX500

    Ibanez SRX500 - "Ibanez SRX-500"


    Bought From The Guitar, Amp and Keyboard Centre online for £319 (GBP) The bass feels very comfortable, its one of those 'next-gen' types with a slim neck and active electronics. Two active humbuckers, volume, tone, bass cut/boost and treble cut/boos…

  • Ibanez SRX705

    Ibanez SRX705 - "Ibanez SRX 705"


    I had an ESP and was ready for a change so i looked on ebay and found this $900 bass for $450 this bass first off is beautiful. it has a 5 piece body and a three piece neck... with the neck through construction the sustain is great. the active eq a…

  • Ibanez SRX300

    Ibanez SRX300 - "Ibanez SRX300"


    I went to a music store of my country,there i saw it a i decided to buy it. i paid $317 dolars. it's a good bass that it's good as a starting bass like i choose. The neck is thin so it's more easy to play and the pickups sound good. I also like the…

  • Ibanez SRX360

    Ibanez SRX360 - " A good record"


    For the technical side I'll let you watch the Constructor data. UTILIZATION The handle is nice, we do not fight, the bass is well balanced, the weight is more than adequate. The sound is easy to find, well réagisseent knobs. SOUNDS I play m…

  • Ibanez SRX430

    Ibanez SRX430 - " Heavy bass but versatile"


    Micros PFR-B4 (bridge) + PFR-N4 (handle) EQ EQB-II DX 2-band Chrome hardware Matt white ash body with black binding (botaiiii any!) Channel SRX4 Maple Rosewood 24 frets Accu-Cast B100 bridge UTILIZATION buy low to start I wanted a low…

  • Ibanez SRX300

    Ibanez SRX300 - " GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY"


    Low-end ibanez made in japan. A wise choice amateur with small means without necessarily showing it. Nice bass nice to regarder.J 've model gray. A low UTILIZATION acceptable for any type of game Channel end very pleasant. SOUNDS A sound…

  • Ibanez SRX500

    Ibanez SRX500 - jason 42's review


    In which country was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France ...) I think what has been made in Korea. How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration? There are 24 frets on this bass, the mic are two micro double with ergonomics …

  • Ibanez SRX305

    Ibanez SRX305 - benj53940's review


    Okay I will not repeat all his but we do see it as ab other reviews, very full indeed. -Good point for the bridge really tough, made his pro gear unlike the easels that can be found on more expensive lines that resemble the folds tle. -Good for t…