Ibanez SRX300
Ibanez SRX300

SRX300, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SRX series.

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firechris 10/02/2005

Ibanez SRX300 : firechris's user review


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Manufacturing Corenne
Bolt 24 frets, 2 humbucker pavbr /> fixed bridge ibanez
volume / balance / tone x2


Channel trs trs fine and pleasant for beginners and guitarists like me
the access to acute and trs ais due to body shape
trs bass well balanced finish treats
trs aesthetically beautiful it is, especially in dark blue translucent finish lese appear the type of wood ...
the range of its rev range is obtained (funky up metal) ... After a few minutes of adjustment.


It is quite a style rock / neo as use more funk
I play on a Hartke 3500 with a pedal korg AX10B (right combination to exploit a range of effect)
Sound of the trs Varis slamming a more smooth (active EQ) see trs heavy
For my part I am particularly impressed by its sounds trs heavy amplissent the piece and that we could let it ring long trs (good sustain)


Use of this bass since I started (6 months) and progression trs is fast (when it is detached from the guitar ...)
I particularly appreciate the delicacy of the handle (first test of a squier Plow ...) which allows a quick game (small bass solo .. fun!)
I had the opportunity to test equivalents at yamaha, cort and tangglewood and personally I prefer quality over price of this one (380)