Ibanez SRX500
Ibanez SRX500

SRX500, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SRX series.

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MGR/Jack Elliott (Ignorance Bassist) 10/09/2003

Ibanez SRX500 : MGR/Jack Elliott (Ignorance Bassist)'s user review

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Bought From The Guitar, Amp and Keyboard Centre online for £319 (GBP)

The bass feels very comfortable, its one of those 'next-gen' types with a slim neck and active electronics. Two active humbuckers, volume, tone, bass cut/boost and treble cut/boost. Full 24 fret neck that is extremely slim and fast. It gives the full spectrum of sounds from a low bassy rumble that literally shakes the walls to a high trebly almost nasal sound. It is sort of a compilation, looks like an abstract jazz bass, has a new style neck and sounds kinda like a Stingray with the bridge pick up. Also, it can sound like a Warwick Thumb a certain settings.

Nothing realy, perhaps the fact that the higher strings sound almost underpowered, expect to use the eq, a lot.

Seems very well built, GAK had to order one in specially, transport it all the way up the country, leave it in a cold warehouse for two days and the finally tell me where it was so I could go get it, and it was in tune when I got it home! Feels very solid, think it will stand up to my style of playing (smashie-smashie.)

Extremely good, will reccomend to anyone who is looking for an extremely versatile and powerful bass. What is the same price? Epiphone flying vees or explorers? Squiers! The only thing that even close are Yamaha's. Even the Fender Mexicos dont feel as solid. If you have eyes that want a Stingray or a Warwick, but a wallet that doesnt, buy it. Its that simple.

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