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  • Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer

    Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer - "Great circuit, bad housing."


    This pedal is like most others - it has the standard 1/4" in and out. Controls are volume, tone, and drive. Has a stomp switch for on and off, which feels extremely flimsy. Cheapo plastic housing. I'm marking off for the housing and switch, but I rea…

  • Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer

    Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer - " costs nothing and sounds great"


    for people who do not want to between 90 and 400 euros in overdrive Ibanez, this is the solution! sounds very good, given the price! to try it (or to buy the closed eyes saw the price secondhand) UTILIZATION but yes SOUND QUALITY yes yes ye…

  • Ibanez PH5 Phaser

    Ibanez PH5 Phaser - tyfab29's review


    Analog Chorus, EQ for bass and treble, Contrles: Level, Rate and Depth, LED status Casing in metal, Made in the USA blue Optional power USE Very easy A Manual? Yes, but what for? SOUND QUALITY this effect is effective, it d…

  • Ibanez TM5 Thrash Metal

    Ibanez TM5 Thrash Metal - " not bad"


    Distortion UTILIZATION simple setup and use (3 buttons) SOUND QUALITY yes OVERALL OPINION The distortion is good. I do not understand your views on this subject. …

  • Ibanez SP5 Slam Punk

    Ibanez SP5 Slam Punk - " cheap! cheap!"


    Pedal overdrive / fuzz (something in between) with 3 knob level / tone / gain everything there is more classic. It is made from analog to early 90s. Note the filthy plastic casing. And then I wonder what went through his head designers Ibanez for u…

  • Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer

    Ibanez TS5 Tube Screamer - " Always with my guitar!"


    This is an Overdrive pedal very simple: - 1 input & 1 output jack - 3 pots (Gain, Tone, Level) - 1 footswitch (quiet and lightweight) The 100% analog like we did it again not long ago. Result: ant consumption (battery for dozens of hours of use…

  • Ibanez PL5 Powerlead

    Ibanez PL5 Powerlead - " Good pedal to start!"


    it is a distortion-oriented lead (for solo and large rhythmic! analog technology basic input output connector adapter input UTILIZATION very simple fix, gain, tone and volume level textbook, I do not remember! SOUND QUALITY I find even to…

  • Ibanez CD5 Cyberdrive

    Ibanez CD5 Cyberdrive - " Money for nothing!"


    Wha is a fixed coupled with distortion. In fact it takes the schematic electronic WH10, Wha-wha pedal in the same series sound tank which could have added the circuit overdrive distortion. This is analog. Daphon manufactured by Taiwan on behalf of Ib…

  • Ibanez TL5 Tremolo

    Ibanez TL5 Tremolo - Jimge's review


    Analog pedal trmolo UTILIZATION button level, speed and depth input and output jack between transformer 9v SOUND QUALITY effect of very good quality, transparent. this pedal has a button level, unfortunately uncommon on tremolo pedals and …

  • Ibanez CP5 Compressor

    Ibanez CP5 Compressor - SlapKid's review


    Analog ultrasolide plastic housing, in/out/dc9v basta. Level Attack Sustain, classic. A tone had been nice though. UTILIZATION This is a compressor, so difficult to resolve the desired effect and guitar. The level is rather generous, the attack…