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Jam Pedals user reviews

  • Jam Pedals Delay Llama

    Jam Pedals Delay Llama - nickname009's review


    * Controls : Delay Level , Delay Time, Repeats, internal trimmer which adjusts the amount of maximum repeats. * It works with 9V boss-type DC adaptor (negative tip) * It uses 22mA of power when ON * Dimensions : 120 x 94 x 30 mm , …

  • Jam Pedals Rattler

    Jam Pedals Rattler - nickname009's review


    This is a handmade boutique distortion pedal made from a young guy in Greece. This is modeled after the RAT with some differences, mainly being handmade and using carbon comp resistors. Can't quite remember if the original rats had those or not. Thou…

  • Jam Pedals TubeDreamer 58

    Jam Pedals TubeDreamer 58 - nickname009's review


    # Controls: Level, Tone, Gain # using the JRC4558 chip like the original Tubescreamers # with LED # custom hand painted # works with 9V battery or 9V DC adaptor # Life-time warranty from manufacturer This is a very typical overdrive in terms …

  • Jam Pedals WaterFall

    Jam Pedals WaterFall - "The best chorus. Period. " has images


    - Controls for depth and rate - Toggles for intensity(+, -) and chorus/vibrato - True bypass - Hand made, hand painted! - Solid construction, top quality componants - Powered by 9v battery or 9v adapter UTILIZATION Not the simplest c…

Translated user reviews
  • Jam Pedals Massimo Varini Signature

    Jam Pedals Massimo Varini Signature - " Jam Massimo Varini pedal"


    This is a purely analog pedal handmade. The effects of all vintage style are a compressor, a delay (adjustable virtually infinite, an overdrive with its boost. It has an A / B box handy for another pedal or a looper ... UTILIZATION It can not b…

  • Jam Pedals Wahcko

    Jam Pedals Wahcko - "Vintage and furious!"


    JAM is WAHCKO pedal "Boutique" that exists in two versions: WAHCKO and WAHCKO more. The newer version has a rotocontacteur that lets you change the sweep. There is also an option "Seagull" that can reverse the outputs of the device through a button a…

  • Jam Pedals Wahcko+

    Jam Pedals Wahcko+ - " Wah-ooh!"


    Wah pedal brand JAM Pedals with 6 interchangeable with a vox-type knob on the side positions. This is the analog handmade in Greece and hand painted also knowing that it is a wah that has the famous Red Fasel inductor, an LED to signal activation …

  • Jam Pedals Dyna-ssoR

    Jam Pedals Dyna-ssoR - " Ultimate ..."


    Analog compressor at JAM Pedals, Pedal True Bypass, hand painted, lifetime warranty (it does not care of our mouths) by the manufacturer, to supply 9V. Delivered in his cardboard box JAM with colorful fabric bag to protect your pedal is awesome. T…

  • Jam Pedals TubeDreamer 88

    Jam Pedals TubeDreamer 88 - " Not evil, even in a case rather well Ts58 TS72 & blah blah ...!"


    2 independent channels with 72 Ts & Ts 58 the latter being derived from a tube screamer 808 + a high gain switch on the latter each channel with Level / gain tone and independent switch and can also be coupled together. Moreover much better bec…

  • Jam Pedals Delay Llama

    Jam Pedals Delay Llama - "Shop!"


    JAM DELAY LLAMA is  a "Boutique" stompbox analog delay Made by JAM, a Greek workshop that manufactures pedals in small quantities and made good puns about their names. Each pedal is unique : there's a fairly large variation in aesthetics. Mine i…