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Paul Iron 10/31/2014

Jam Pedals Wahcko+ : Paul Iron's user review

«  Wah-ooh! »

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Wah pedal brand JAM Pedals with 6 interchangeable with a vox-type knob on the side positions.

This is the analog handmade in Greece and hand painted also knowing that it is a wah that has the famous Red Fasel inductor, an LED to signal activation or not, and with components sorted the greatest care. And as a bonus a little gizmo that makes your wah control signal input to output exactly the same volume.

It's solid and it shows, the pedal is heavy in the hand.

PS: The decor is customizable by the manufacturer if we add 15 euros.

Lifetime warranty if purchased from an authorized dealer which is my case.

Well well ... No complaints! 10/10


This is can not be easier! Connect, and press play! Let the pedal do the rest! The manual does not even explain how to do it so it's obvious.

JAM manual is as always very pleasant since it is only a recto / verso. On this sheet there are the characteristics of the pedal, the comments of famous players who use this pedal in particular and finally this is the sheet that represents your product lifetime warranty. So KEEP THIS SHEET !!

Play this pedal is very nice, the LED does his job, the race is long but not too much and holding the pedal (it is whether it remains in the position where you leave it) is impeccable.


6 positions of the pedals are outstanding, each has its little trick! Swept frequency ranges are different and subtle them! Bliss. There is something for everyone if you want a live sound. This really is the top quality, try it with a fuzz and fly in or take a Hendrix distortion and say hello to Mr. Hammett. This sound is really beautiful ...


I fell madly in love in less than 5 minutes in the store Pedal Paris. I listened to lots of wah wah all kinds of brands and this one clearly stands out. It is highly versatile and lively.

The only wah similar to this one that comes to mind is the Vox wah 1967 a friend of my father is telling you!

I play many styles: funk, rock, metal and glue everywhere! Really the ball.

Sure 261 euros is not cheap but this honestly worth the wah. This is the wah a life almost.

I would do this choice with his eyes closed.