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Jam Pedals Double Dreamer
Jam Pedals Double Dreamer
Iván García-82 Iván García-82

« Awesome drive unit. Best I have used »

Published on 12/14/21 at 13:10
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Advanced Users
Les Paul studio '89 + sound city concord.

This is the best overdrive that I use, it can work from clean boost to hi gain overdrive, all with excelent results.

The best of the pedal, the sound: transparent, articulate, rich, versatile. Great with tube amps.

I've tried before many overdrives from many boutique brands. This pedal beats all of them, side by side, others sounds more muddy, poor, unarticulate.

With this pedal allways can hear your guitar and amp sounding, if this is important for you, this is your pedal!