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Jim Harley user reviews

  • Jim Harley Classic 15 Reverb

    Jim Harley Classic 15 Reverb - " The "Vintage" to start ..."


    Transistor amp 15 watts for electric guitar * HP 10 "30W max Philipson PLS-15 2 channels (switch button): CLEAN DRIVE 1 Vol 1 and Vol 1 Gain Common: Eq 3-Cushion - Spring Reverb Input: Guitar Low and High - Pedal (not provided and not tes…

  • Jim Harley Stratocaster

    Jim Harley Stratocaster - " Perfect"


    1 3 selector knobs 21 fret maple key screwed with vibrato bridge UTILIZATION This is the most pleasant handle all guitars (15 in total all set yet) This is its main feature SOUNDS the neck pickup is replaced by a humbucker home The soun…

  • Jim Harley Bouzouki

    Jim Harley Bouzouki - " Pleasant."


    I've had almost 5 years. For 100 euros occasion he met me. I just use it at home in beef and recording. It is hard enough to play in the string tension. The sound is powerful but too metal. To change the strings, there is a metal foldi…

  • Jim Harley Stardust ST30

    Jim Harley Stardust ST30 - " Ideal for beginners electric guitar, but then really start to ..."


    Imitation Strat guitar and especially the Blackie (guitar legendary Eric Clapton) Medium finish (bought used) Channel to 21 boxes 3 single coil pickups typical Strat A volume knob, two tone knob, a 5-way switch ... The classic! Vibrato UT…

  • Jim Harley LNP60

    Jim Harley LNP60 - " Correct electric guitar"


    It was offered to me and I subsequently improved It is rather balanced (still well positioned with a strap) I added a microphone and Fender telecaster've changed one of the two microphones by DiMarzio. I think the last micro soon change. (Thos…

  • Jim Harley Classic 15 Reverb

    Jim Harley Classic 15 Reverb - " a great amp! look very vintage!"


    hello! here is, I have this amp for two days and I m exploding after a few adjustments very simple! input high up that really makes great potato and the sound of my guitar into a low, low, making it much softer (a guitar accompaniment!) which removes…

  • Jim Harley Stardust ST60

    Jim Harley Stardust ST60 - " Good value for money"


    then, I already think it was manufactured in China (which explains its price is: 90 € new) I had occasion, the owner sold me for 10 €! timber level is quite vrament: - Body: Alder - Neck: maple - Fingerboard: rosewood Indian - Patent: polioréta…

  • Jim Harley Stardust ST60

    Jim Harley Stardust ST60 - thund3r57's review


    We want to start guitar is not want to ruin this guitar is for you at a price trs trs correct. Alder body, handle Saddle trs against the violin properly by the body is not terrible. Micro HSS configuration. Rglages are the same as on any type o…

  • Jim Harley Stratocaster

    Jim Harley Stratocaster - spider37's review


    from China probably is not too bad quality, the finish is not bad (fret that does not scratch, no defect veris) the fingerboard is maple (maple or I do not know too) How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration? 21 frets , Co…

  • Jim Harley CR 15/N

    Jim Harley CR 15/N - chub's review


    Hello, I have this guitar for several years (about 5) and still have the same pleasure to play with. I have several guitars folk and I think this guitar at a value price remaquable. is a guitar manufactured in China. At first it just brake a lit…