Jim Harley Stardust ST60
Jim Harley Stardust ST60

Stardust ST60, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jim Harley.

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thund3r57 10/19/2009

Jim Harley Stardust ST60 : thund3r57's user review


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We want to start guitar is not want to ruin this guitar is for you at a price trs trs correct.
Alder body, handle Saddle trs against the violin properly by the body is not terrible.
Micro HSS configuration.
Rglages are the same as on any type of stratum.


Simple enjoyable round, the mcaniques are not the top vibrato even less but for the price ... otherwise, Access in acute and feel it is a form known strat not bother to say more, point of view using simple trs only remains active knob the volume (on my modified version).


Unexceptional single coil sound core so good rev limit m'enfin ...
I am in the process of customization of this beautiful guitar, I started the whole electronic redone because my taste is really the weak point of the guitar at his home with the microphones we can play clean but the saturation is fast no matter what, I'll get a brief micro Dimarzio Red Velvet approximately 60 investment and I disables the other microphones, so I would post a correction of the APRS the mod!

Edit: I just made the change ie change in the bridge pickup to a Dimarzio Red Velvet knob change in volume, the connector and all cblage ultimately the sound is really ... wouahhwouu ... say there are many more PCHE, the sound of a really better quality can be very easy to engage in the heavy, powerful rock or good old rock, with the right one can rglages vintage get well, I understand I am not crazy I will not tell you that my Jim Harley with a new micro quivaut has a custom shop Start US however the change is really apprciable! So investment in order thomann.de 63 with the microphone, the potentiomtre and shipping! Positive opinion for this change "affordable" and bnfique!
But be careful only change the microphone is not suitable to be insulated all the cavities with aluminum foil that is connected and only the mass APRS that change the sound is great, I have also not change the knob and the new is more imposing than 2x the old password and limit it tends to touch the bottom of the cavity not that deep place trs

DIY So, you welded iron and go ... if you have a problem when changing the electronic on this guitar you could send me a mail!


Well, it's a drle history, I bought this guitar to beginners all my learning I n'tait not continue in the end I buy another guitar a year later and I'm Spare to give a friend who wanted to start a guitar, he found that he no longer made of once he gives me! she had a quail I sanded to make an impression of wear (pretty good Russian) I redid the Fully cblage and the same time I changed one the neck pickup is active and the volume it goes straight to the point and I will change a microphone and a potentiomtre. As a result of APRS 3/4ans sparation I found, I apprcie diffrent m'amliore and I compared the Repair Tool and modifying guitars (especially the electronic) have APRS leave a review dfavorable I see my copy and I said that despite the quality of violin and electronic can take pleasure to have this guitar <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_mrgreen.gif" alt="mrgreen" /> Ultimately what I like most is the personality's my guitar now for about 90 more than 65 micro scratches you get a really rock. So do not sell your JH for a mouth, but keep the bread warm know that one day ...
Thereafter the account and replace mcaniques can be the bridge!
Exprience I would do with this choice <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_wink.gif" alt="wink" /> .

A ending for.