Jim Harley Stardust ST60
Jim Harley Stardust ST60

Stardust ST60, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jim Harley.

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lorenzino 02/04/2008

Jim Harley Stardust ST60 : lorenzino's user review


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I have not the slightest ISED 't o a factory this guitar, but considering the price, the country where the guitars are manufactured not Chréa (it's the least that can be said) are not far! is a 22 frets, with a volume, 2 tone! In my opinion, all dpend of what we plan to make this guitar! If there is anything positive to say about this guitar, that is that the handle is easy! I read through it by the strings touch the frets, it is not the case with mine! This guitar has 3 single-level microphones, with a 5-way switch!


As I said above, the handle is quite thin and quite enjoyable for a guitar of this price in gnral, when beginners, we are dealing sleeves "galres" who do not really want to continue (particulirement acoustics, o should be re-set the handle, but given the price you put in the guitar, it does not do as much to buy another!
For sound, it dpend the amp or console uses! I bought this guitar to beginners intended, when I play since 1979/1980, I do not know even more, but until I used mainly the electros seen the style of music I play (bossa, samba, and a few trips to the Jazz), but as I started learning with pieces of the Stones, Bowie, in particular, I wanted to have at least one electric to re-play the rock other than " acoustic versions. "


To play for fun, pieces Rocks, or pieces of a Jazz ncssitant lctrique or the funk it good enough for me! I wanted a lctrique not ruin me, because it 's just to use it sparingly (these days, I fall back into my first love and played a lot of Bowie, Stones, Eric Clapton, etc.. ).. I am the branch on a console amplifies 2x80watts with HPs 2x125 watts, and I must say that APRS have tried to shop on any amp "pourrave" I t surprised at its coming out! I play mainly clean sounds, and only bought it for fun and for the price! Indeed, my two other guitars are appliances, Godin Nylon Duet Multiac and Seagull-LR Baggs preamp, and as I teach o "concerts", this console suits me perfectly! Trs I know that it's better to connect an amp electric lctrique a (!), But as I said before, the sounds that I draw with this console me tonn es, especially as I do through any amp connected console, I live in the branch, rglages plutt "crystalline" and never use the vibrato I vir


I use it only for a little less than two months, and as I said, sparingly! It m 'has arrived to buy a Godin lctrique used, which in no way comparable n'tait with it as much better, but the era, j'tais good terms with my portfolio, which is no longer the case!
With experience, I would do the same choice, not because I think it's the guitar of my dreams, but given the sound I hear when I use it with the material I have, for the price it costs! I was not looking for a beginners guitar (both "far" to be one, in all modesty, but not a guitar CHRE me change my electros), and I think to use I make it for me! It is the quality / price, and peripherals that I use, I would do that make the same choice! Prcise I have all my notes are largely influences by the sound coming out of my console!