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Carlsbro Keyboard Amplifiers user reviews

  • Carlsbro 90 KB

    Carlsbro 90 KB - "natural sound"


    This is a pretty versatile Keyboard amp. The amp uses tube amplification and has several connections. The amp has three channels that can all run simultaneously. The first channel has an XLR input as well as a 1/4" instrument cable input, while the s…

Translated user reviews
  • Carlsbro Cobra 90 KB

    Carlsbro Cobra 90 KB - " Undying"


    Amp transistors 90w, 2 speaker outputs in jack, 1 headphone, 1 line out 3 channels with 2 inputs jack, 1 serious, 1 acute, 1 switch effects loop, reverb switch 1 on each 1 effects loop 1 spring reverb (excellent) with its volume and an input …

  • Carlsbro 90 KB

    Carlsbro 90 KB - " reliable and clear"


    Amp transistors. 100W on a 15 "cone tweeter has more. Three independent input channels with adjustable gain, lows and highs. a switch for the reverb and to switch the effects loop on each channel. An active instrument input on channel one and two…

  • Carlsbro 90 KB

    Carlsbro 90 KB - lafa's review


    Amp especially for keyboard and HP 15''acute wrong - excellent manufacturing - force consistent with that announced (90/100w) 3 and 6 input channels with severe mid and high settings, and reverb attack and possibility of connecting external effects. …

  • Carlsbro Hornet 45 Keyboard

    Carlsbro Hornet 45 Keyboard - scarabypierre's review


    Combo keyboard amp transistor. Power 45 Watts 2 between 6.35 mm Jack UTILIZATION Trs simple configuration EQ for each voice OVERALL OPINION Use with different keyboards still satisfactory. Relatively lightweight amp that can take anyw…

  • Carlsbro Colt 85

    Carlsbro Colt 85 - bluemice's review


    Report by manufacturer: Two independent channels, Two band EQ per channel 2 x Hi Z jack inputs per channel Variable input level control per channel Master reverb with Individual channel selection Accutronics reverb foot switchable M…