Carlsbro 90 KB
Carlsbro 90 KB

90 KB, Keyboard Amplifier from Carlsbro.

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lafa 01/26/2008

Carlsbro 90 KB : lafa's user review


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Amp especially for keyboard and HP 15''acute wrong - excellent manufacturing - force consistent with that announced (90/100w) 3 and 6 input channels with severe mid and high settings, and reverb attack and possibility of connecting external effects. Louse additional amplifier output, headphone jack and output for hp external input and output for external effects. In summary amp with very good fishing.


Very simple configuration, the settings for optimum sound are very quick and easy. The manual is very easy to understand in English (simple translation)


Since 1988 j'utlise Carlsbro amp models, and not a single problem to date.
The delicacy of his relation to the settings.
A lot of models of different brands were tested, but it is well positioned in the product range.
Value for money - very good reliable equipment with very good power.
For the value and price, yes, there are materials with a higher price but also much higher.