Carlsbro 90 KB
Carlsbro 90 KB

90 KB, Keyboard Amplifier from Carlsbro.

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phane06 05/16/2012

Carlsbro 90 KB : phane06's user review

«  reliable and clear »

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Amp transistors. 100W on a 15 "cone tweeter has more.
Three independent input channels with adjustable gain, lows and highs. a switch for the reverb and to switch the effects loop on each channel.
An active instrument input on channel one and two keyboard input for channels 2 and 3
the reverb is a spring Accutronic4, intensity and attack are controlled by a potentiometer and are switchable by a foot pedal connected in front.
master volume and main power, the switch is in the back.
two input-output loop, has a front and at the rear.
a line-out, two 4 ohm speaker output and headphone jack are located on the rear panel.


no problem setting, this amp is very clean, the reverb is well made and sounds great.
The return of the input signal is true even without distortion at full power.
The volume is pretty impressive for a 100w.
The manual is clear but useless as this amp is simple.

I'd buy this amp to use it with my keyboard, my bass and dub the line output of grateu. A friend had to change the channel 1 preamp for bass. I play with more than ten years, the sound obtained with my "Duke short scale" a compressor in series sounded pure rock. occasionally I resumes for fun and it accompanies us at every exit to the keyboard and synth.


I have this amp for 24 years, it has never dropped nor disappointed. Just a little crunch but by manipulating the knobs, a small revision should it arranged.
I buy this amp has a mobile disco DJ who has something else going on. It was nearly nine. I had to sell my SVT3 who did not return in the R8 "Gordini". Yes I know ... we all make stupid does not it?

The most:
Simple, reliable, faultless quality, excellent sound, amazing sound volume for the real power.
weight (38kg), power and headphone jack on the rear ...

There is certainly better gear but not at this price. I would do the same choice.