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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Roland G-70

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 19 reviews )
 11 reviews58 %
 4 reviews21 %
 1 user review5 %
 1 user review5 %
 1 user review5 %

heybulldog's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" perfect arranger"

Roland G-70
Arranger with a semi heavy touch (actually a light touch that allows for more expression) and aftertouch


very easy to use and very very full!


I had a G800 before for almost 20 years and then I bought the g70 3 months ago, with 11 piano SRX card and then slap! expressiveness, piano music, vocal effects that fits well with mine (voice) with a Shure beta58, this is really what I wanted.
Adrien 7312/02/2011

Adrien 73's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Roland G 70 worktation the best arranger."

Roland G-70
Roland G 70 possde excellent sound engine dowry sonorits trsraliste of functionalities and compltes sophistiqus but poor manufacturing quality.


Roland G 70 is user friendly on all levels except the squenceur.


To sum up I have bought a G 70 someone, Roland G 70 possde excellent sound engine dowry sonorits trsraliste of functionalities and compltes sophistiqus but poor manufacturing quality.

Poulpy-Be's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good ergonomics, good looks but his has reprog"

Roland G-70
76-key semi weighted, summary edition of effect but sufficient for this type of keyboard connectors sufficient sequencer, karaoke function, vocoder, a damn good guitar mode and editing style is basic and very easy.
Armony zippers are great. It may come or disappear each instrument that makes up the style very easily. guaranteed effect.

Dbeam The gadget is a pretty fun, the G70 has a sensor on the left side of the keyboard. Thanks to him, you can bring a crowd or disappear effect.
Well controlled and configured, Ca throws in live use.

For the audio portion, the pianos sound great, the magnificent organ, the voice canon, everything sax guitar and accordion, it breaks my ears with the preset starting (too much too sharp!).
For leads and webs bof bof except some really good. Finally, and this is really unfortunate, the brass are shit. it sounds "old"

But the big highlight of the device and what does that separates me from ever is the "music wizard.
You can save all your songs with styles, sounds, effects and everything you can imagine and remember a single click.
For live entertainment, it's great practice in 1 sec you have your parameters and are ready to play.


Great ergonomics, so good that I never open the manual.
I did one or 2 times out of curiosity and everything is explained well.

Editing sounds is easy, in this context we must review the equalizer general is very poorly configured from the outset.

After haggling it's going much better already.

Much to let you know right away, factories, quality sounds (a few exeptions pressure) is really lame.

We must roll up their sleeves and go to settings to get something that sounds.
M'enfin is unfortunate that even when a keyboard is price, it better not be configured as AC departing!
There is nothing better to repel those who try it in demo!


I've had 3 years I had an E30 at the time was the best arranger of the year 80 and a Korg M1, an E96, a triton extreme 88 and recently a waldorf Q for the analog sound.
I bought roland closed eyes saw the cartoon of E30 at the time but I was somewhat disappointed by the quality of sounds in general.
The styles are quite frankly very very good, alive but very uneven. some are terrible, others are completely lame.
In all the styles are outdated, if you want some MIDI, go your way.
Despite all this keyboard looks great if you make animations for an audience somewhat old.

styles we are tons on the net, are good and less good.
I added a 1 gig card, with AC can save thousands of styles.

But what differentiates it from other arrangers his mouth of hell!
It is super beautiful, color touch screen is a terrible quality plastics and buttons is excellent. The beast is heavy enough, witness the strength and quelité elements.

Excellent value for money if you buy knowingly.

A remake, I will redeem it. it is very complementary to a synth that sounds more modern.

Seagull29's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland G-70
Well, after 5 years of use, always the same regret for not having a REAL keyboard heavy and only 76 notes, with 81 (standard piano), it would have been better but hey .... Another regret not being able to have an area per section (there are 6), which would be handy on stage, including sound effects or minor procedures with which we do not requires a lot of notes. Another regret, the unreliability of the USB connection in use master keyboard with Logic on a PC. It is when he wants!


Use issue, and the risk of repeating myself, it's really the swiss army knife! Convenient, fast, fast edition, the "Make Up" is great when using Midi Files PB incomplete and we want to improve the sound.
Ultra also practical for making models quickly, or bases, because the arrangements, including parts of batteries and copper, are well written. As for the manual, it does not give enough examples of manipulation but still manages to figure it out. In any event, even without, we arrive, after some trial and error to get by with flying colors. A small lack of understanding more "franchouillard" kind waltzes. Looks like the set of arrangement has been designed for a clientele beyond the Rhine. on the other hand, jazzy grooves are the god of fire!


5 years of loyal service, both on stage and in the home studio. Nothing to say for a typical use (ball, evening etc. ...). And V with the update, new features open new horizons, including the ability to use a MIDI file as a basis (with the number of steps you will) to make a new arrangement. The "Guitar" is very useful for a keyboard and can mislead, especially in the background. Finally, the possibility of equalizer in the Make Up is great because it fits the song really sounds or arrangement. on the other hand, a little disappointed by the brass, lack of truth. But if it was to do again, I redeemed without problem
jojo l'artiste03/10/2008

jojo l'artiste's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland G-70
We know enough dj, arranger for it is really wonderful and beautiful, 76 keys, thousands of sonnorits, vocal harmonizer, 16-track sequencer editable ...
Short! it is really great this keyboard.


Nothing to say, the interface is really perfect, to believe that the manual (although also explained) will not vritablement necessary because you can get by without it. Moreover, the E-80 takes advantage of the ergonomics of the G-70 (a keyboard that I recommend as well).

However, I find that the guitars, brass and drum kits from the Tyros 2 are much better and the styles of the G-70 would make more grannies and grandpas happier but they are totally acceptable and all of the same well damn.

What I like most is the organ (with zippers), pianos, some tablecloths, give the plupar wind instruments, pianos and electric not to mention the human voice (jazz) poufff! too well! korg is a trans is clear lol!


I have over two years and I'm pissed off with, I ordered my Tyros 2 and I look m'clater with both.

It is clear that the Roland G-70 is more "pro" as T2, it is even more rsistant (20.5 kg). On an X korg PA, its my good drum kits charm and his guitars and synth APRS bof the rest! better a good G-70 arm for the road. That's a, ROLAND understood everything because for me the important thing is to enjoy playing and that is the case for this arranger with a similar ergonomics.

I still remember the day I dballe and removed from his big bote, I still have tears in eyes, we'll see if this is the case for T2.

paco91590's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland G-70
76-key arranger. Editing sounds possible (resonance, ADSR)
USB MIDI connection, etc., comprehensive view of the site features Roland.
Sounds and styles edited. Creating styles.
Effects section ok after a good command


For simplicity of configuration, it is better to already know the philosophy of an arranger! And clearly saw the possibilities, it takes several weeks or months to master, that is know and use the features;
Goodies: Edition sounds easy as limited (but sufficient, otherwise you have to buy a synthesizer). For the V3 there is a parametric equalizer. Comprehensive manual. I use it in bedside table and returns regularly to deepen or me remember certain features.
The less body weight, does not support audio, no hdd, but I knew before buying and I would do this choice. I intend to run (probably longer) they add a dedicated sound card piano (I do not know what card it is) and perhaps buy a synth expander type MFBII because I like innovation and the creation of sounds more personalized.


I use it since December 2006. I tried also the Tyros2 and Kork Pa1X pro.
What I like most: the pro side of the appearance of the keyboard, it's serious, it's solid and beautiful look. Frankly the fact Tyros gadget (for my taste) although technically certainly very successful, but in addition is a 61-key and I wanted to at least 76.
The touch button is also great that differentiates it from his colleagues and Pa1X Tyros.
I also like the organ sounds (Hammond and others) and the drawbars!
The price? The Tyros 2 is expensive too.

SwingersTeam's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland G-70
- What type of keyboard (synth, piano ...)? How many octaves?
76 large (real) keys + After velocity per channel, not by note.

Continued on Roland site


- The general configuration is it simple?
Yes, after first touching a simple, but as soon as you scratch it fishing and dispatch

- Publishing of sound effects or is it easy?
Typical subtractive

- The manual is clear and sufficient?
Not fully exploit the beast, which has certainly brought to the notice with prejudice, the handling takes weeks for even a good pianist (keyboardist), including synthetic guitar chord


With the V3's G70-based OS 2, I am convinced he made the right choice.

At the time, late 2004, I hesitated between the dilemma Korg already confessed and the successor to the Roland V-series or the G70.

Personally, there was a trio:
Wersi, but we went from single to double the price for a high-end arranger.

With this latest release including 3-for installation must first have installed the OS 2 I'm sure you have the ultimate bonus between arrangements, sounds and customer service in the world.

The equalizers per unit present on the Home version Roland E80, are among the updates to the G70 that makes this phenomenon than the most prestigious arrangers, all prices combined.

I tested there less than a week the three beasts, my opinion is not 100% subjective!

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
A 200%

Musicroman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland G-70
This synth is great albeit some say not knowing the performance of using this new technology. The styles are fully compatible with VA7 and EXR SERIES ... They are found in a perfusion internet can also be ordered in various sites, the choice is standard.
The keyboard is great and certainly one of the best view of the arrangers CATEGORY (I possde a Tyros I and I assure you that the diffrence is big). The touch screen is simply gnial, I apprci a little bit bigger but not n'xagrons. The finishes are also thunderous, it is not "plastic" only, but it certainly PSE there is the quality below. In traditional music accompaniments are most ralistes I know. Sounds to me more than enough, now it's really not a problem with an expander or other synth becomes formidable and full rev. A Tyros with a G70 offers a directory fMeasure and I do not tell you the power and the pleasure it gives you! Do not forget that this is not the arranger who plays the piano but must matriser the bte, many people still believe otherwise, and yes, we must first take over! !


For the latest technology, I find extremely simple to use, a larger hard disc and a small t Simpler would be welcome, it is in the Tyros II later this year ...


This device was worth every penny, it is a professional device, some would find it cheaper, I remind you that the quality is paid for!
If you are looking for a modern techno, it's not in this way to look for.
The keyboard 76-Key Semi agile is welcome, I use it also as a keyboard matre now.
For Fast Fashion styles and songs, this unit is awesome, all ditable track by track, the User that personally I do for my REPRESENTATIVES.
I'll keep this arranger few years because I am satisfied trs, I play as well as the traditional techno.

Seagull76's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland G-70
Overall, utilisable.Dommage honestly do not have a keyboard more "piano" (Hammer type Mekanik)


Let's be serious! The G70 is like a Swiss army knife with lots of tools to work quickly and with a quality basic suffisante.Certes, Roland has some favorites paramtres can be to the detriment of sound, at least for some records but any fawn, whatever the manic sound, if you want a string section that sounds right or if you want a guitar sound larger than life, well, hire musicians! on the other hand, in terms of suggestion, embedded in the mix, it's pretty daunting.
For me it's a good product quality music over / use and then prix.Et, returning just in, we can improve.
In conclusion, good beast to the stage and for the home studio


Well, was not long that I have the beast but a little searching and original programs shenanigans, I feel that I will enjoy myself and create new styles.Et, question choice, I would do the same without hesitate

stef_c's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland G-70
See the website of


Frankly, I bought it for 1 month, and it's a good keyboard trs (good touch, easy to use, packed with technology)

The sounds are excellent (though some say ...): piano (version 1.06), organ, guitar, accordion ,..., ergonomics too.

The manual is very well done.

Just a regret: one slot for SRX ...


I tried the Korg PA1X and tyros before making my choice and G70 silent before the other 2.

The report is excellent musicalitprix (cheaper than the korg and better than the yamaha).

I would do without this choice hsitation.