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Laney GC user reviews

  • Laney GC50A

    Laney GC50A - moosers's review


    The Laney GC50A is a guitar amplifier for both acoustic and electric instruments. It's a unique amp as it actually has two separate channels for acoustic and electric guitar. The amp has a single 12" speaker and I believe it has 50 watts of power. …

  • Laney GC50

    Laney GC50 - "Laney GC-50"


    i picked this screamin amp up at a guitar shop where i live. i paid somewhere in the neghborhood of 230 for it i beleive. ooo it ounds sweet. the overdrive channle on it simply rips.its a loud one no doubt and is very receptive to the volume level…

  • Laney GC50

    Laney GC50 - " Medium Quality"


    This is a guitar amplifier transistor 50 W. An entry-Hi and Lo for connecting the guitar. A Remote-connection, to engage the overdrive via a pedal. On the back: -Effects loop. -Output for a second baffle. -Line Out jack. Front: -Gain …

  • Laney GC120

    Laney GC120 - " Unbreakable"


    120 w amp transistor HIH 2 diffusers 12 ' Accutronics reverb overdrive an effects loop Headphone output 2 inputs (high / low) but they do not work together (you can plug 2 guitars) A gain Clean EQ: low, medium, treble, reverb Over…

  • Laney GC120C

    Laney GC120C - DoWn's review


    I had the 2 versions in the hands GC120 (without chorus) and GC120C (with) NOTE is GC120C version (which has a chorus) and I have not version GC120 GC120C: 2 * 60W Stereo transistors with 2 HP 12 'HH GC120 120W single transistors with 2 …

  • Laney GC120C

    Laney GC120C - Warlus's review


    Laney GC120 transistor amplifier 120w (mono) 2 comes in (high / light) with light a priori (so you can not plug 2 guitars at the same time) effects loop in / out the rear overdrive and reverb type Accutronics (not the spelling) hp indest…

  • Laney GC50

    Laney GC50 - nebs's review


    It's an all transistor amp but that is a large manufacturing quality (made in England). The DLivre power is 50 watts into 4 hms but it is much more powerful than my Line 6 amp 75 watts. The power of today's amps announced within 8 HMS so you have…

  • Laney GC60C

    Laney GC60C - Dolores's review


    The 60A is a GC equipped with two 60W speakers Haux is a stereo chorus which has an electrically and acoustically one, each including an input High and Low with all the classic settings for each channel it is no problem for many acoustic set which is…

  • Laney GC50

    Laney GC50 - rejemy's review


    It is a small 50w amp transistors with a very simple clean channel, overdrive channel and reverb. UTILIZATION Configuration is very simple. Are not many buttons (8) gain for the clean and drive level (pulled to activate the overdrive) for the…

  • Laney GC80

    Laney GC80 - sidleman's review


    Amp transistors of 80 watts. UTILIZATION Easy to use (especially if you have the footswitch). SOUNDS The light has a trs ct rock sound good if you put a little gain. Ct against the overdrive is not subtle trs. OVERALL OPINION Good qual…