Laney GC120C
Laney GC120C

GC120C, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the GC series.

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DoWn 06/19/2009

Laney GC120C : DoWn's user review


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I had the 2 versions in the hands GC120 (without chorus) and GC120C (with)

NOTE is GC120C version (which has a chorus) and I have not version GC120

2 * 60W Stereo transistors with 2 HP 12 'HH

120W single transistors with 2 HP 12 'HH

- 2 inputs (low / high)
- Footswitch distortion / reverb
- Chorus footswitch (GC120C)

Rear panel:
- Send / return
- DI (direct connection to a mixing console)
- Speakers (4ohms) [gc120]
- Speakers Right / left (8ohms) [gc120c]
- headphone (do not cut the HP, except for 30/50W versions)

settings of 3 sections:

- Clean channel:
gain level + 3 band EQ + reverb level

- Lead channel
drive (saturation level) + level (volume) + 3 band EQ + reverb level

- Master
Start switch the reverb (the reverb is on his way to the 2 channels)

- Chorus
Speed: speed
depth: depth of the effect

the distortion and reverb and chorus are footwitchables


The config is very simple, you connect, play. As expected, the high input saturates more than the low entry ...

the sound is good right now on the clean channel.
the distortion is older, very transistors.
the chorus is not bad, not at a Valvestate 8240, but very usable.

no manual.
But it is available online: 20Manual% 20 -% 201994% 20 -% 20Issues% 201.pdf ( )

This, he says does not matter ...


With its metal look, it might seem built for big sounds, but it's clear that his is the most captivating, the distortion is moderate.

Jackson played with a JJ4, you get clear on the jazzy sounds, slamming or, depending on the settings and microphones ...

On the distortion, it was very dirty sound (it takes down the drive so that it remains operative). short, difficult to have a nice crunch. It sounds very transistors.

The chorus is good politics.

Note the clear sound is more beautiful than the GC120 on GC120C


A good amp, very (too) powerful but requiring distortion pedal.

Note, it is rather heavy (26kg sure)
the light is nearly at the level of tube amps I think ... So great is the highlight of the amp
The distortion is rather disappointing, but we get by fiddling has sth of exploitable.
The amp is not for me, they lend it recently. However, given the exchange price at which these animals, if I find one I take, it's really terrible. In terms of distortion, the distortion a bulldog on it should put this amp has very good!

Note, the receiver had not served for 7 years and after a bomb hit on the knobs, everything works: outstanding!

EDIT: I found a GC120C in OCCAZ I bought.